Ferry from Rafina to Mykonos

Ferry to Mykonos - Scenic view of the old town on the Greek island of Mykonos. Cactus and white villa.

Take the ferry from Rafina to Mykonos and explore the most cosmopolitan and world-famous island in Greece and favorite holiday destination for the world elite!

Mykonos, the island surrounded by the light of the Aegean Sea and neighboring the unique Delos, is a destination that every traveler will love from the first moment! The history of this island, whose fame has spread all over the world, began in the 1950s when legendary names of the international jet set were connected with it! Since then Mykonos has been a favorite holiday destination in Greece for the super rich, artists and movie stars as well as for those seeking luxury and a taste of cosmopolitanism as it offers high quality services with luxurious 5-star hotels, magnificent villas, award-winning restaurants and expensive boutiques with famous designer clothes.

At the same time it retains its stunning natural beauty, with centuries-old windmills and the characteristic Cycladic architecture with its narrow streets full of whitewashed houses. In addition, the excellent beaches, the legendary parties and the vibrant nightlife with bars and restaurants overlooking the sea, in the small Venice of Mykonos, are a must for all cosmopolitan visitors from all over the world!Finally, the possibility to visit the neighboring Delos, with its unique sanctuaries and statues of the Greco-Roman settlement dedicated to Apollo is definitely an added advantage!

Book your tickets through our search engine and visit this exceptional destination and live for a while like a jetsetter!

Ferry schedules from Rafina to Mykonos

The ferry schedules from Rafina to Mykonos are regular on a daily basis throughout the year. However, during the peak months there are both high speed ferries and conventional ferries, with several stops in nearby islands, from 4 different ferry companies. During the winter months the routes are reduced and are usually served only by conventional ferries! Check through our website all the available options regarding the routes, the ferry company, the ferry type and the prices and then choose the schedule that suits you better.

Ferry time from Rafina to Mykonos

The sailing time from Rafina to Mykonos ranges from 2h 20m to 4h 40m, depending on the ferry company and the type of ferry you wish to travel with.

Ferry distance from Rafina to Mykonos

The ferry distance from Rafina to Mykonos (New Port) is 70 nautical miles (around 130 kilometers).

Useful tips for your trip from Rafina to Mykonos

  • It is advisable to make sure you will be at the port at least 1 hour before the departure, especially if you are traveling with your vehicle for check in and embarkation procedure
  • Check our dedicated page for Mykonos for useful information about interesting sightseeing and places to visit
  • Discover island-hopping options from Mykonos to nearby islands, such as Andros, Syros and Naxos
  • Make a day trip to Delos
  • If you are traveling with your vehicle, it is recommended to book your tickets in advance in order to find availability in the garage which sells out quickly, especially during high season
  • Keep in mind that the departure and arrival port in Mykonos is always the New Port
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