Ferry from Rhodes to Symi

Ferry to Symi - Sponges gallery in Symi island.

Find below some practical information about the trip by ferry from Rhodes to Symi a worth visiting mountainous South Aegean island, ideal for a family vacation!

Travelers who visit Rhodes for their summer holidays usually prefer to spend some more days in the Dodecanese island of Symi, searching for calmness and unspoiled beaches. Several ferry routes either with hydrofoils or conventional vessels connect both islands, offering the passengers a quick and pleasant sailing experience providing all accommodation types and services on board.

Rhodes to Symi ferry duration

Rhodes to Symi ferry duration depends on the type of ship, although the islands are very close and there is no big difference between the high speed and the conventional ferry time. Within 50 to 90 minutes from Rhodes you can enjoy the beauties and sites of Symi.

High speed or conventional ferry from Rhodes to Symi

The travel with high speed or conventional ferry from Rhodes to Symi can be equally comfortable. The difference is that the fast boats, except for the ferry duration, have mainly inside numbered airtype seats with a higher price while in the conventional ferries you can choose to travel either in the inside lounges or in the open deck seats with a lower ticket cost.

Ferry schedule from Rhodes to Symi

Frequent and current ferry connections from the early morning till the late evening are available throughout the year, enabling passengers to make boat trips from Rhodes to Symi. Daily routes are more during the summer peak period. Check the ferry timetable by visiting the isFerry booking engine and find in real time, the more convenient sailing time that matches your preferences. Book your tickets in advance and enjoy the time on board!

Tips for your trip

  • Have a look on our pages for Symi and Rhodes islands for information about the local transportation services
  • Be in time at the port of Rhodes for check-in and embarkation
  • Take advantage of the frequent ferry sailings for an all day excursion from Rhodes to Symi
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