Ferry from Rome to Sardinia

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Board on the ferry from Rome to Sardinia and begin your crossing from the port of Civitavecchia towards one of the most appealing destinations in Italy!

Sardinia is a popular Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, also the second biggest after Sicily and has many interesting and alluring places to explore. Civitavecchia is considered the 'port of Rome' and is today, one of the most important ferry terminals in Italy. In the following lines, we provide all important details about the ferry route from Rome to Sardinia.

Ferry distance from Rome to Sardinia

The ferry distance from Rome to Sardinia and more specifically, from the port of Civitavecchia to the port of Olbia, is around 222 kilometers which equals 120 nautical miles.

Conventional and high-speed ferries from Rome to Sardinia

The ferry trip from Rome, in the western coast of Italy, to Sardinia, can take from 5 hours (with a high speed ferry) to 8 hours (with a conventional ferry), depending on the port of your arrival as well. Conventional ferries offer passengers a more comfortable ferry trip than high-speeds, in exchange for more time on sea. They also allow you to book a numbered aircraft type seat or a bed cabin, while some ferry companies offer a suite or VIP area.

There is one basic ferry type for the route from Rome to Sardinia: Conventional (regular car ferries).

Regular car ferries take more travel time from Rome to Sardinia but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing way to travel between Rome and Sardinia, with all the fantastic sea views and the sea breeze someone can enjoy from the decks!

Check out all ferry types and their overall characteristics!

Choose your departure date and get all current ferry schedules and prices from Rome to Sardinia!

Rome to Sardinia ferry frequency

There are four ferry routes operating between Rome and Sardinia with over 40 sailings per week. The ferry frequency depends highly on the season:

  • During the low season (October - April) there are mostly night departures
  • During high season (from May to September) there are also daily ferry connections.
  • Specifically, in July and August, when the demand is higher, there are up to 5 ferry departures per day from Civitavecchia to Olbia.

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