Ferry from Santorini to Chania

Ferry to Chania - Scenic picturesque streets of Chania venetian town with coloful old houses Chania greek village in the morning Chanica, Crete island, Greece.

Take a ferry from Santorini to Chania and discover one of the most famous cities of Crete, a picturesque town with historical interest and a special atmosphere!

When one thinks of Greece as a destination, the beautiful Santorini and Chania, a jewel city on the island of Crete, definitely comes to mind.Santorini is world famous for its unique , not only in Greece but also worldwide, architecture with a view of the volcano and the magnificent sunset. It is no coincidence that in recent years it is the ideal place for a honeymoon! Its proximity to the largest island in Greece, Crete, is a great advantage for the traveler staying in Santorini.

Chania is a small, picturesque town where traditional, Venetian and Turkish architecture coexist harmoniously creating a special atmosphere that enchants the visitor. The old town of Chania has a historical character that has been preserved despite the intense tourist development. In Chania the traveler will see archaeological sites, temples, squares and unique buildings with oriental elements with most of them located near the port.The port of Chania is picturesque and enchanting at all hours of the day and the atmosphere is unique. The restaurants and local taverns offer wonderful Cretan specialties that will satisfy even the most demanding! The beaches are wonderful and the villages near the city of Chania are unique. For nature lovers Samaria the famous Samaria Gorge and other smaller gorges are worth hiking! In addition, the tourist infrastructure in large 5 star hotel complexes and other smaller boutique hotels cater for all tastes.

Ferry connection from Santorini to Chania

Currently there is no ferry connection from Santorini to Chania. The alternative is to the port of Heraklion which is a 2 hour drive to Chania. Usually the connection is active from April until the end of the summer season with 1 to 2 trips per day.

From Heraklion to Santorini ferries and ferry time

From Santorini to Heraklion, the ferries are mostly high speed and the route takes about 2 hours. However, during the high season, there may also be a conventional ferry with a longer trip duration.

Information and tips for your trip

  • The port of Santorini is very small and during the peak months it is very crowded.We would advise you to be at the port on time especially if you have a vehicle
  • Apart from Crete, from Santorini you can organize many day trips and hopping to the islands. Visit our website and find best options for day trips from Santorini
  • We recommend booking well in advance as the Crete destination is very popular and therefore tickets sell out quickly
  • Visit our pages about Santorini and Chania to find out more about both cities as well as the transportation options to and from the port
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