Ferry from Skopelos to Skiathos

Ferry to Skiathos - Octopus drying in the sun waiting to be cooked, restaurant in Skiathos, Greece.

Cross by ferry from Skopelos to Skiathos and discover the most popular island of the Sporades cluster, a pine covered beautiful landscape with stunning beaches!

While enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Skopelos, it is time to visit the largest island of the Sporades, Skiathos, known for its cosmopolitan aura, its intense nightlife, its natural beauty and it's amazing beaches, some of which are particularly popular among young people, thanks to the water sports facilities and the organization of beach parties.
For these reasons it is mostly loved by young visitors, but it is also a great destination for families and nature lovers because of its natural beauty! We cannot exclude the wonderful restaurants with local delicacies and the cultural interest of the island.

The island of Skiathos really meets all the prerequisites for a perfect holiday, so do not wait and book your ferry tickets today!

Ferry distance from Skopelos to Skiathos

The ferry distance from Skopelos to Skiathos depends on the port of departure, as Skopelos has 3 ports (Skopelos, Glossa, Agnontas), but in general with small deviations, it is only 12 nautical miles (i.e. 22 km).

Ferry ports of Skopelos to Skiathos

The ferry ports of Skopelos to Skiathos are three, Glossa on the northwest coast and is 25 km from Chora, the main port in the capital of the island and Agnontas in the southwest and is used as an alternative port during bad weather conditions in Skopelos.

Ferry duration from Skopelos to Skiathos

The ferry duration from Skopelos to Skiathos depends on the port of departure, the type of ship, the shipping company, the itinerary and the weather conditions.
From the port of Glossa in Skopelos to Skiathos the sailing time is from 15 to 30 minutes , from the port of Agnondas 1 hour and from the port of Skopelos ( Chora) 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Type of ferries from Skopelos to Skiathos

The type of ferries that operate on the connection from Skopelos to Skiathos are conventional ferries and during the summer also high speed ferries. The duration of the high-speed vessel trip to Skopelos can be just 15 minutes.

Schedules from Skopelos to Skiathos

The schedules from Skopelos and Skiathos are operated all year round on a daily basis. During the winter season there are approximately 8 to 10 weekly crossings, while during the high season there are significantly more than 4 to 5 crossings per day. Departures are morning, afternoon and evening depending on the season and the day.

Useful tips for your journey from Skopelos to Skiathos

  • We recommend that you arrive at the port of Skopelos at least 45 minutes before the departure of your ferry, especially if you are traveling by car, for check in and embarkation
  • The Skopelos - Skiathos route is short, thus, you can hop to Skiathos even for a day trip
  • Select the departure port that is most convenient for you
  • Visit our dedicated page to Skopelos and Skiathos for information and advice on your holiday
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