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Ferry to Skopelos - The famous rock Kastri with the small church Agios Ioannis in Skopelos, Sporades, Greece.
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Travel by ferry to Skopelos, the greenest island in Greece, in the western Aegean sea and you will be amazed by its unspoiled charm and its dense pine forests!

Skopelos is a beautiful island located between Skiathos and Alonissos and it belongs to the North Sporades group of islands. The island stands out for its lush vegetation, its wildlife, its picturesque villages and its beaches with the crystal clear waters.
Skopelos impresses its visitors with the richness of its nature. 80 % of its surface is covered by thick forests. There are pine trees in every part of the island.

Chora, on the northern coast, is the capital of the island. Its ancient name was Peparithos, which was the name of the son of the god Dionysus and the princess Ariadne of Crete. Chora is a traditional little town, with characteristic architecture, a mix of various architectural rhythms, with narrow paved streets and numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries.

When traveling to the destination Skopelos, tourists should visit at least one monastery and explore some of the variety of landscapes. The villages in the northern and eastern parts of the island are located in rocky areas, in the southern and western part, though, the hillsides fall into the sea creating magnificent green bays with numerous long beaches.

According to the legend, Skopelos has a mystical dimension, since gods, dragons, pirates and kings once inhabited Skopelos. Many villagers, 800 years ago, were killed by a dragon who had been destroying the island until Ayios Riyínos, the patron saint of the island, chased the dragon and killed it. During the chase a cliff opened up in the mountainside, the dragon fell into the cliff, which was later called “Drakonstósxisma”, and died. Visitors can still find this cliff, a steep gorge surrounded by the sea, below a church built almost on the edge of the cliff. The steep rocks, the pines trees “hanging” over the rocks and the turquoise waters create a picture of mesmerizing beauty. Follow the signs on your way from Stáfylos to Amárantos and you will find this sight.

Book your ferry tickets to Skopelos as soon as possible and organize your stay on the island.

How to Get to Skopelos by ferry

There are 3 ways to get to Skopelos by ferry:

Either if you choose a conventional or a high speed vessel, getting to Skopelos by ferry is the best option.

Depending on the seasonality, there might be many or less routes available.

Most shipping companies also offer the option of a garage for those that want to travel with a car.

Unfortunately, there is no airport on the island of Skopelos. The closest one is in Skiathos.

Skopelos ferry port

The small island of Skopelos has 3 ports:

  • The main port of Skopelos (Chora). Walk from the edge of the harbour, to the castle and the ascent from Panagitsa of Pirgos. This is a beautiful route, taking you back to the past. Admire the wonderful churches, the picturesque alleys and the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea
  • The port of Loutraki in Glossa located northwest of the island. It’s the first port you reach coming from the mainland of Greece or from Skiathos.In Loutraki you will find many accommodations, cafes and restaurants as well as an organized marina for yachts and a pebbled beach where you can swim
  • The port of Agnontas (only if the weather conditions do not allow the ferries to reach any of the other ports). The port is only 8 km away from the town of Skopelos. You can use the organized local transportation. Agnontas offers many apartments for rent and taverns. You will also be amazed by the Amarantos rock and its characteristic pines trees leaning over the sea

Please, check below the information provided for getting around the island of Skopelos:


There is a public bus transfer service, running all year round from Chora to Glossa and Loutraki Port but also from Skopelos to Stafylos, Panormos, Milia, Elios, Klima and back through Loutraki, Milia and Agnontas. The bus terminal is located close to the main harbour of Skopelos, next to the taxi stand.
For more information, please visit Skopelos Buses.


In Skopelos, the routes are easily covered in short time due to short distances.

Taxis can be found:

  1. In the main taxi stand in Chora, next to the bus station
  2. In Glossa Square
  3. In Neo Klima- Elios

For further details, please check Skopelos Taxis.

Holidays in Skopelos

Skopelos is a small and quiet island of exceptional beauty, delicious food and rich tradition.Visitors are given the opportunity to make beautiful walks in the countryside and forests of the island, admiring the unique biodiversity that exists on Skopelos. There are many old footpaths that lead to small abandoned chapels, isolated beaches and hilltops with amazing views of the sea.
Don’t leave the island before you taste the traditional cheese pie of Skopelos filled with the local goat cheese. Enjoy the day and relax in one of the beautiful beaches of the island, have lunch in the seaside taverns and in the evenings have a drink in a lounge cafe bar under the stars.

For your convenience please find below some of the best locations we recommend you visit:

  • Take a trip through the rich history of the island with a visit to the Folklore Museum, housed in a renovated mansion built in the previous century, where you can enjoy a rich collection of folklore-related exhibits.
  • On the mountain Karia of Skopelos you can also visit the Sentoukia, the four rock- cut tombs that were carved into a porous part of the rock, shaped like a box, dated back to the Roman or early Christian period and on a clear day you can see the mountain Olympus.
  • While on the island don’t forget to visit the impressive Byzantine monasteries like Evangelistría and Timiou Prodrómou. The old Monastery of Evangelistría, east of Hóra, was renovated in 1712 and is famous for its fortress-like precinct and its idyllic view of the Port and Chora.On the island of Skopelos there are about 360 churches and monasteries, the following of which are worth seeing:
  1. The monastery of Metamorfosis tou Sotira or Transfiguration of Jesus (end of 15th – beginning of 16th century), also on mount Palouki
  2. The monastery of Aghia Moni (16th century)
  3. The monasteries of Aghia Varvara (1648)
  • The picturesque Ai Yiannis at Kastri is also a chapel that you have to visit. It became famous from the musical Mamma Mia, the film couple, portrayed by Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan got married there. Climb up the steps and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.
  • Visit the Vakratsa Mansion and witness the true architecture of the island.
  • The church of Panagitsa tou Pyrgou ( Holy Mary of the Castle). A small church that you can see while arriving in the port of Skopelos. Climb a few steps and enjoy the view of the Aegean sea from one side and the town of Skopelos from the other. Inside this church you can see icons that date back to the 18th - 19th century and the beautiful temple dated back to the 17th century.
  • Stroll around the beautiful village of Elios, underneath the forest of Vathia and next to the sea, grown over with pine trees and the beautiful beach of Hovolo, with the gorgeous shades of its waters.

Hotels in Skopelos

You will find many hotels, studios, villas & houses in Skopelos, all around the island. If you are looking for an accommodation near the centre choose a hotel in Glossa, Loutraki or Skopelos Town. If you are looking for something quieter, close to a beach, choose an accommodation at the beaches of Elios, Hovolo, Panormos or Stafylos.

Find some of the best rated accommodations below:

  • Skopelos Village Hotel
  • Adrina Hotel
  • Aeolos Hotel Skopelos
  • Rigas Hotel Skopelos

Beaches in Skopelos

Each beach on Skopelos is unique, with crystal clear blue- green waters, surrounded by pine trees. We recommend a few of the most beautiful beaches of the island:

  • At the pebble beach of Panormos in Skopelos, 15 km west of Chora, bathing at sunset is an unforgettable experience.
  • The Skopelos beach of Milia, 25 km south western of Chora, is considered one of the best on the island, a sandy beach covered with shiny wite pebbles and a spectacular view of a small island called Dassia.

Other beautiful beaches to visit are Agnontas, Kastani, Mari, Perivoliou,Glysteri beach, Stafylos and Velanio. When the wind blows north avoid the northern beaches and visit the western and southern beaches that have calm waters ideal for swimming.

Day trips from Skopelos

Skopelos is located between the islands of Skiathos and Alonissos which makes it ideal for island- hopping:

  • From the port of Glossa in Skopelos, you can travel from Skopelos to Skiathos (a popular destination for young people)
  • From the main port of Skopelos, you can take a day trip to Alonissos (a beautiful island where the seal Monachus Monachus is common)
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