Ferry from Sorrento to Positano

Ferry to Positano - Beautiful sea view in the town of Positano from antique terrace with flowers, Amalfi coast, Italy. balcony with flowers.

Plan your trip by ferry from Sorrento to Positano and enjoy a crossing from the wonderful Italian town, located in the Sorrentine Peninsula, to Amalfi Coast!

The famous and picturesque coast of Amalfi is widely known for its colored houses in Positano looking hung on the hill next to the sea. One of the most scenic cliffside towns gains interest from the first moment of the ferry/s arrival. Many visitors every summer choose the quick journey from Sorrento to Positano with the unforgettable views and the winding roads with restaurants and shops that lead to the sea. The ferry journey is really enjoyable, so check our booking engine for availability, book your ferry tickets in advance following a simple procedure and you will receive at once your booking confirmation with all the details regarding your ferry ride.

Sorrento to Positano ferry time

The Sorrento to Positano ferry time is approximately 40 minutes if it refers to a direct trip. In case of intermediate stops it could be a 1h 15min.

Sorrento to Positano ferry type

The route from Sorrento to Positano is served by hydrofoils with all the on-board facilities for passengers. Cars are not allowed and pets are welcome in the specially reserved areas. Most of the ships have a panoramic lounge area with a snack bar and comfortable seats.

Ferry schedule from Sorrento to Positano

The ferry schedule from Sorrento to Positano includes several crossings per week and is available usually for trips from May till late September. Depending on seasonality, the boats travel from Sorrento to Positano up to 14 times per week, so it is advisable to check our online reservation system in order to get detailed information about the available timetable. Please, note that in case of bad weather or rough seas the ferry routes can change or be cancelled.

Tips for your journey

  • Visit our pages dedicated to Sorrento and Positano for more information about the means of transport and the main sightseeing areas
  • Be at the port of Marina Piccola in Sorrento the suggested time mentioned in your booking confirmation for check-in and embarkation as Sorrento can be crowded during summer months
  • If you cannot stay overnight, even a day trip to Positano from Sorrento is recommended
  • From Sorrento you can also visit Ischia by ferry within an hour. Check the schedules by using our booking engine
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