Ferry to Amalfi

Passengers traveling by ferry to Amalfi arrive in a town and commune in the province of Salerno, in the region of Campania, Italy, on the Gulf of Salerno!

At the mouth of the Valle dei Mulini situated Amalfi, the town that gives its name to the coast.For a long time had the monopoly of trade with the East, and it was the first of the Four Maritime Republics of Italy. Amalfi Coast boasts a classic Mediterranean landscape, a sensual blend of both natural and cultural wonders. The landscape includes dramatic coastline topography scattered with terraced vineyards, orchards, and pastures—often with enchanting views of the vibrant waters below. The Greeks, Romans, Normans, Saracens, Arab-Sicilians, and many others have left their mark on the island because of Kind climate, abundant resources, and natural beauty.

Passengers travelling to the destination Amalfi they face a graceful place: its cluster of white buildings gleams like a pearl in the strand of towns strung along the Amalfi Coast. Is one of the most historic towns along the Amalfi Coast, having had a glorious history as a maritime republic whose status joined the ranks of coastal powerhouses like Pisa, Venice and Genoa. Τhe beautiful Cathedral of St. Andrew, with its impressive staircase, the bell-tower in Arab-Norman style and the charming Cloister of Paradise adorns the center of the main square. Αlso worth a visit Τhe Handmade paper Museum and the Ancients Arsenals of the Republic.

Τhe primary product of the area is enormous orbs of lemons, picked fresh to make limoncello liqueur and used in local dishes, as well. The lemon shows up in regional ceramics and citrus scent fills the air as you meander about. Οne of Amalfi's natural wonders, at Cape Conca is the Emerald Grotto.

It is highly recommended that you book your Amalfi ferry tickets in advance so as to secure them and have a splendid holiday in Italy's west coast.

Getting to Amalfi by Ferry

You can get to Amalfi by ferry from the ports of Positano, Salerno, Capri and Beverello. There are only high-speed ferries operating these routes so this means that you are not able to bring a car along. From Positano and Beverello the ferries need approx. 2 hours to reach the port of Amalfi. Salerno is much closer and the ferry trip time is around half an hour and from Capri 1 hour. 

Amalfi Port

Amalfi port or Porto di Amalfi is composed of the beautiful, historical tourist harbor and the marina which accommodates luxurious yachts every summer. The area around is the heart of the town and is bustling with people from all around the globe. Anything can be found close, from romantic restaurants and cafeterias to grocery stores, boutiques, sights and of course, hotels and apartments. 

In addition, information is provided below on how to get around Amalfi and on how to reach the port of Amalfi from Salerno as well as from Costa d'Amalfi Airport:

Getting Around Amalfi

In order to get around Amalfi after docking, you can either use the bus, taxi or boat:


There is a bus company operating along Amalfi without predefined stops though. You will have to ask the bus driver to call your stop. Bus tickets can be purchased from shops next to the port. Please, visit Amalfi Bus for details.


Taxis are more convenient than buses but also more expensive. Catch a taxi on the go or call +39 334 538 7847.

Boat Taxi

A fun way to explore the magical coastline of Amalfi. Please, check Amalfi Boat Taxi to learn more.

Salerno City Center to Amalfi Port

There are 3 ways of getting to Amalfi port when starting from Salerno and these are:

By Bus

Take the SITA bus and in around 1.30 hour you will be able to reach Amalfi. The cost is around 3 Euros and is the cheapest way to get transferred. More information in Salerno to Amalfi Buses.

By Taxi

Visit Salerno Taxis or call +39 392 444 9020 to organize a taxi transfer form Salerno to Amalfi. The most comfortable way but also the most expensive.

By Car

Drive the Tangenziale di Salerno and then the Autostrada A3 until turning to Via Fra' Generoso. Continue to SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore before the coming Via Costiera Amalfitana and then follow the signs to Amalfi coast.

Costa d'Amalfi Airport to Amalfi Port

Check below your options in order to arrive in Amalfi from Salerno Airport Costa d'Amalfi:


Unfortunately there is no direct bus from the airport to Amalfi. You will have to reach Salerno with either a train from the close Montecorvino Train Station (5 mins from airport) or from Belizzi Bus Station (4 mins from airport) and then take the train or a bus to Salerno. From Salerno, use the SITA buses and get to Amalfi in approx. 1.30 hour.


Grab one of the many taxis waiting outside the arrivals terminal and reach Amalfi in 40 mins and with the cost of around 60-70 Euros.

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