Ferry from Spain to Tangier

Ferry to Tangier - Zellij tiles alongside an ornate vase in Tangier, Morocco.

Find out some useful information for the trip by ferry from Spain to Tangier, regarding schedules and accommodation, starting from the busy port of Barcelona!

Ferry sailings to Tangier from the mainland of Spain, and to be more specific from the port of Barcelona is a famous itinerary that connects the region of Catalonia with the African country of Morocco. The mild weather conditions allow passengers to enjoy the sea cruise in any type of accommodation chosen, although the journey is long.

Spain (Barcelona) to Tangier-Med conventional ferry

Undoubtedly, nowadays, modern ferries are equipped with all the amenities needed such as restaurants, bars, comfortable lounges and open decks. Boarding on a conventional ferry for the crossing from Barcelona to Tangier-Med, you have the option to take your vehicle, car or camper, for a family vacation in Morocco.

Spain(Barcelona) to Tangier ferry schedule

Two or more weekly sailings, depending on seasonality, serve the route from Spain (Barcelona) to Tangier, so get informed through our online booking engine about the timetable and availability and book in advance your tickets in order to find as many options as possible to suit your planning.

Spain(Barcelona) to Tangier ferry time

The Barcelona to Tangier ferry time is estimated between 28 to 32 hours, according to each shipping company's schedule. Τhe specific route, although it is the longest alternative for a direct trip from Spain to Morocco, it has a great demand during the vacation period by the European travelers who wish to enjoy some of the magic of the East!

Useful tips for your journey

  • The Barcelona port can be reached by metro and bus for foot passengers. For detailed information, you can visit our Barcelona page
  • The Tangier Med port, where the ferries from Barcelona dock is located outside the center of the city, in a distance of about 40km
  • Be sure to check-in early for boarding at Barcelona port, as it happens to be very crowded during peak times
  • With a quick visit to our booking engine you can check for possible early booking offers or discounts (if any)
  • Ιf your budget allows you, it is preferable to reserve a cabin for a more relaxed stay on board
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