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Start tripping to the delicate Greek Islands Serifos, Sifnos and Milos by booking online your Aegean Speed Lines tickets and enjoy a cozy and luxurious voyage!

The company whose headquarters are located on Athen’s west coast, Glyfada, belongs to the fastest growing shipping companies in the field since its foundation in 2005. It firstly started by owning one ship, the Speedrunner 1 but after its high succession in bookings and routes, one more vessel entered the fleet, the Speedrunner 2 and later another two joined. Now, the current fleet is composed of only one ship, the Aegean Speedrunner III since all others have been sold.

The route that the ship serves is Piraeus to Serifos, Sifnos and Milos and occurs daily. It is notable to say that the company was given the prize of the Best Shipping Company of the Year in 2009 due to the fact that it is characterized by the great interest the crew and staff take in the needs of the modern traveler and in the development of the islands. Employees and administration think and act like passengers in order to provide high-quality service that anticipates the customers’ needs. Their ferries offer their customers a very high standard regarding accommodation and passage.

Get on board an Aegean Speed Lines ferry and visit the fascinating Greek Island Milos with its dazzling beaches and waters among white rocky landscapes, Serifos with its charming Chora and architecture and Sifnos, known for its flavors, colors and romantic sites but also being the birthplace of some famous poets.

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Via our booking engine, you will have the opportunity to check all routes and prices of the ferry operator, book your voyage and finally proceed with your Aegean Speed Lines check-in at the port office. For more information on this please go to our check-in and embarkation page.


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