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Book online and travel with Anek Lines from Italy to Greece and from Athens to Crete and more Greek Islands while enjoying a high-quality onboard experience!

Anek Lines were established on April 10, 1967, and have become a leader amongst the European shipping companies holding a state-of-the-art fleet. That what sets their ferries apart is the quality, safety, dynamics, friendliness, premium facilities and professional crew.

  • All departments, sectors and processes are certified by the International quality-health and safety systems ISM & ISPS, ISO & HACCP
  • In the framework of the “5th Greek Shipping Awards” Lloyd’s List, the company was awarded the prize of “Best Company for the Year 2008 for Passenger Shipping”
  • Passengers can enjoy high standard accommodation and pleasant voyages on domestic routes as well as on the Venice, Ancona and Bari route

Anek Ferries

The Anek Ferries fleet offers connections between the Greek and Italian ferry ports as well as between Piraeus/ Athens and Crete and more Greek islands. Please check the schedules and routes section for further and more detailed information.

Every Anek Lines ferry also offers the camping on board choice on the Italy - Greece - Italy crossings.

Anek Lines Camping on Board

With Anek Lines camping on board you can enjoy the comfort of your camper in an open garage during the entire ferry journey and get special deals!

Periods of the Service

  • From 1st April to 31st October for Italy - Greece - Italy routes
  • If you want to use the camping on board option before 1st of April and if cabins are available, you will be given a cabin for the price of a deck ticket plus the camping vehicle price (please note, that this camping on board exception does not take effect every year in this form)
  • For official timetables, seasonality and prices please click on the pdf icon in the schedules and routes section
  • Otherwise, check our booking engine for the most up-to-date results

Benefits of the Service

  • You enjoy the comfort of your camper during the entire journey
  • Free 220V electricity supply and a roofed deck
  • You are allowed to have access to every other area of the ship

Any kind of gas use is not permitted during the entire journey!

For more information, visit our dedicated camping on board page.

Anek Lines Tickets

For the check-in and embarkation with the Anek Lines tickets, passengers and vehicles must check-in at the port offices as follows:

  • 1 hour earlier for passengers on foot and 2 hours earlier for those with vehicles
  • In case the times referred above are not kept, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation with 100% cancellation fees
  • The embarkation time and regulations are handled by the corresponding port authorities
  • Owners of the vehicles are obligated to follow the instructions of the crew during the procedures of embarkation and disembarkation
  • Occupants of the vehicles except for the driver are asked to leave the vehicle after it is parked on board according to the instructions given

If you click on our Anek Lines embarkation and check-in page, you will find more related information.

Anek Booking

Here is why you should make your Anek booking in advance:

  • It is a very famous ferry operator, whose capacity of tickets is running out very fast
  • Secure your tickets' prices and ensure that fluctuations don’t have an effect on your Anek Lines booking
  • Plan and book your passage now and not later, thereby ensuring more holiday time
  • Balance your holiday budget by including the price of your ticket in this month’s credit card statement

For more information, please visit our book in advance page.

Anek Lines Cabins

Below, you get information about all accommodation and amenities options (Anek Lines cabins, seats, pet policy and luggage restrictions):

Economy Seats

  • The seats for the deck passage (economy deck) are spread on all decks of the ferry and you have a free preference of seats
  • The seats inside the interior of the ferry and close to the bar or cafeteria are more cushty for they have the shape of armchairs
  • The outer seats though, as for instance on the pool deck, aren't that comfortable and therefore not suitable for longer journeys
  • In the economy class passengers store their bags in racks that are organized in different areas of the ferry and consequently, the baggage won't be near the seat

Air Type Seats

  • The reclining seats (aircraft-type seats) are numbered seats and their numbers are shown on your tickets
  • The seats are located in separate and big comfortable lounges on board
  • All air type seats are similar and passengers have the choice to store their luggage in the designated racks near their seats

Business Class or VIP

  • Business-class or VIP seats are located in a separate section of the ship and are considered to be the most comfortable ones.
  • Business-class and/or VIP sectors have their own bars and WC’s and are restricted to other passengers.


  • Cabins are very convenient and more comfortable for a slightly higher price. There are 2-bed cabins and 4-bed cabins.
  • All cabins provide clean and fresh linen, a private bathroom and enough space for relaxation
  • It is possible to choose between an outside cabin with a window looking at the sea and an inside cabin (without window, ideal for passengers who get easily seasick)
  • Last but not least, there are deluxe cabins

Regardless of the booked accommodation type, all facilities are available to you during the entire journey.

Pet Policy

Passengers who are traveling with pets can book one of the options given below:

  • Pet in cabin for an extra charge of 50 Euros per passage and pet. These cabins are limited and differ from vessel to vessel. Pet cabins are the same as regular cabins with the only difference being without a carpet
  • Pet in kennel for an extra 20 Euro charge per passage and pet on the roofed deck of the vessel
  • Pet without our services having your pet in your pet box or on a leash. No additional fees apply

For those who prefer to travel with their campers along with their pets, it is possible to book the camping on board option.

You can find all the needed information on our pets on board page.

Luggage Allowance

Each Anek Lines ferry offers to every passenger special luggage areas with no luggage restrictions and surcharges.

On our FAQ pages, more information is given.

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