Ferry from Italy to Greece

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Departing from Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi, the ferry from Italy to Greece arrives in Patras, Igoumenitsa and Corfu after a wondrous maritime journey!

Large ferries with the capability of carrying vehicles with trailers or campers while also providing numerous accommodation options and amenities on board, are departing from the Italian mainland towards the Greek ports of Patras in Peloponnese, Igoumenitsa in Epirus and Corfu. The crossings with the particular vessels are extremely comfortable and can definitely be a fun experience. 

Those who travel from Italy to Greece and more specifically, those who disembark at the ports of Igoumenitsa or Corfu, have planned to visit Greece's west side where the Ionian Islands are. On the other hand, disembarking at Patras port, tourists can reach Athens effortlessly and from there, they can spread to the islands of the Aegean Sea.

Book your ferry tickets from Italy to Greece in advance and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

Ferry duration from Italy to Greece

The ferry duration from Italy to Greece mainly depends on the itinerary you choose and secondly, on weather conditions and maritime traffic. The vessels which operate in the specific routes between the two countries are only conventional ones which offer various facilities and services in order to make the connections convenient. It is worth mentioning that those who wish to reach Athens from Rome, will firstly have to enter Ancona's port which is well connected with the Italian capital.

Italy to Patras

Italy to Patras is the most common choice for travelers due to Patras' location in the northernmost point of Peloponnese, almost in the middle of Greece's mainland.

  • Venice to Patras: The required time for the ferry to drop anchor in the port of Patras is approx. 34 hours with at least 2 weekly ferries operating
  • Ancona to Patras: A 22 hour journey with at least 1 daily ferry
  • Bari to Patras: 5 weekly ferries that need 16 hours to arrive, operate the specific itinerary
  • Brindisi to Patras: 3 weekly ferries which take 17 hours to reach Patras port

Italy to Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa is located in Greece's northwestern part, facing Corfu and the Ionian Sea. Ferries from Italy to Igoumenitsa run frequently, no matter which port of departure you choose.

  • Venice to Igoumenitsa: At least 2 weekly itineraries, needing around 25 hours
  • Ancona to Igoumenitsa: 1 daily crossing with a duration of around 16 hours
  • Bari to Igoumenitsa: There is usually 1 daily ferry operating that requires approx. 10 hours to drop anchor
  • Brindisi to Igoumenitsa: Like the above, there is usually 1 daily itinerary with a maximum travel time of 9 hours

Italy to Corfu

For real time results and information about the Italy to Corfu connection, please check the isferry booking engine. It is a seasonal route that depends on the demand every year. The ferries which depart from Italy and sail towards Corfu, require almost the same time as they do for Igoumenitsa. The distance between Corfu and Igoumenitsa is only 40km.

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