Ferry from Athens to Paros

Ferry to Paros - Attractive, blonde traveler woman in front of a traditional cylcadic house on the island of Paros, Naoussa, Greece.

General information is provided about the timetables, itineraries, vessel types and departure ports for your journey with the ferry from Athens to Paros!

Travel to one of the most famous Aegean Islands, the cosmopolitan Paros, departing either from the port of Piraeus or Rafina in Athens. It is a constant route that occurs throughout the entire year and ships get crowded every summer. For that reason, book your ferry tickets in advance and secure your vacation in Greece. Through the isferry booking engine, you have the capability of reserving your ferry tickets from Athens to Paros in advance, effortless, in just a few steps!

Athens to Paros ferry boat time

Generally, there are three factors which affect the ferry time and these are the vessel type you are traveling with (conventional or high-speed), your starting point and the stopovers the ship makes. The total distance from Athens to Paros and more specifically, from Piraeus port is around 165 km (90 nautical miles) and from Rafina port is approx. 145 km (78 nautical miles).

Conventional or high speed ferry from Athens to Paros?

There are two main differences between conventional and high speed ferries. Conventional ships are slower than high speeds, needing 4 to 6 hours to arrive in Paros, but come with many more accommodations and amenities on board. High speed and catamaran vessels provide less facilities but reduce the journey time to 3 hours.

Ferry from Rafina or Piraeus to Paros?

The ferries from Rafina and Piraeus to Paros are very frequent (4-5 daily in high season) and are running all year long with most of them departing from the port of Piraeus. Have also in mind, that Rafina port is relatively close and well connected with Athens International Airport while Piraeus port is only a 10-minute ride from the center of Athens.

Useful information for your trip from Athens to Paros

  • Piraeus port is big and can be congested, so make sure you arrive at least 2 hours before your departure for check-in and embarkation
  • Please, visit our Rafina page in order to learn how to approach the port from Athens International Airport
  • Paros port abstains only a few meters from Chora, the capital of the island
  • In our Paros page you will find all the relative details about public transportation in Paros
  • By using our online booking engine, you get the opportunity to find Athens to Paros timetables, compare prices and finally, book your ferry tickets in advance
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