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Passengers who are journeying by ferry to Paros are arriving in a cosmopolitan Cycladic island with a graphical capital, splendid beaches and lively nightlife!

Paros island has become a favorite destination since some years ago and attracts tourists from all around the world. Along with Mykonos and Ios, these three Cycladic Islands are considered to be the liveliest islands regarding their nightlife. Paros is a Greek island that is known for its picturesque capital with the Cycladic architecture dominating, windsurfing activities, numerous historical buildings and sites, turquoise water beaches and for its plenty of bars and restaurants. Generally, and as it is the fourth largest island of the Cycladic complex, someone can find anything in Paros if he is in the mood to search a little further.

Naoussa is the capital of Paros and together with Parikia, are the two most visited villages on the island and host most of the bars, shops, restaurants and accommodations. The best beaches in Paros though, are located a little outside these towns and are easily accessible by bus, car or scooter.

Be sure to make your ferry booking for Paros early in order to have more options regarding ferry departure hours.

Ferry from Athens to Paros

Start traveling from Athens to Paros by ferry and more specifically, from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and occasionally Lavrio and reach Paros port in Parikia on the west side of the island. There are daily connections from many ferry operators due to the fact that Paros is relatively close to the Greek mainland and can be visited even for a weekend to get away from everyday rhythms. Depending on the port of departure, there are stopovers in Syros, Mykonos, Kea and Kythnos.

Piraeus to Paros

Disembark at the port of Paros in Parikia starting from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The ferry Piraeus Paros crossings are taking place every day at various hours due to the fact that Paros is very popular especially in the summer season. There is the option of traveling with a conventional ferry from the port of Piraeus to Paros or with a high-speed and the duration is 4 hours and 3 hours respectively.

On our Piraeus page, you will find information on how to get to Piraeus port from the International Airport of Athens.

Rafina to Paros

There are definitely many more Rafina Paros ferry routes occurring in the summer season and with more vessels to choose between. You have the opportunity to go to Paros with a car-passenger ship or with a high-speed or catamaran. The advantage of the bigger ship is that it provides a smoother voyage and plenty of accommodation options and amenities onboard along with an open sunny deck where you can admire the sea from a closer look. Smaller vessels are way faster but a little less comfortable and it is up to someone’s taste of what to pick between these two. Note that in the winter season, there are almost none high-speeds that go from the port of Rafina to Paros.

It is worth mentioning that Rafina port is relatively close to Athens International Airport (16 km) and in our Rafina page, you are able to learn how to reach Rafina after landing in Greece.

Paros port

The Paros ferry port in Parikia and the one in Punta constitute the island's two sea entrances. Punta is located a little southern from Parikia and the only crossing that happens is from/to Antiparos. All other ferries arrive and depart from the main port on the island’s second most visited village. In order to reach the capital, Naoussa, you will have to get on a bus or a taxi which you will find next to the port, after your landing. You also have the choice of renting a car or a scooter to wander around.

Moreover, some hotels in Paros offer their own minivans that will transfer you to your accommodation and vice versa. Call them and organize your transportation.

Check below for more detailed information about Paro’s buses and taxis:


There is a public bus transfer service with frequent daily connections from Paros port (Parikia) to Naoussa and to all the other villages. Please visit the Paros Bus or call +30 22840 21395, +30 22840 22273.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please visit the Paros Taxi or call +30 694 454 0556, Parikia: +30 22840 21500, Naoussa: +30 22840 53490, Marpissa: +30 22840 41209, +30 2284041386, Prodromos: +30 22840 41427, +30 22840 41576.

Holidays in Paros

Your Paros holidays are surely going to be memorable on this cosmopolitan and picturesque island. It is no coincidence that so many people visit it every year. As a touristic island, there are lots of accommodations in Paros, both luxurious and budget-friendly, bars and restaurants everywhere and even more, archeological places and sites for those who want to combine education with holidays, like the well-known Byzantine Monastery of Ekatontapyliani (hundred-doored church). Paros is also very famous for its crystal-clear waters and long beaches where water sports lovers are able to do many activities such as kitesurfing or windsurfing. Do not forget to visit the little villages of Lefkes, Marpissa and Aliki with their graphical houses and interesting architecture.

There is a list following, with the highest rated hotels and beaches.

Paros Hotels

Dreamy 5-star hotels but also cost-effective ones are waiting to host you and make you feel the Greek hospitality during your vacation. For those who want to be close to the island’s heart and where most of the bars, restaurants and shops are, then Parikia and of course, Naoussa are the best places to book a hotel or an Airbnb.

Check below some of the best hotels in Paros according to customer reviews:

  • Summer Senses
  • Mr. and Mrs. White
  • Agnati Hotel
  • Astir of Paros
  • Paros Bay
  • Senia

Paros Beaches

Crowded beaches with beach bars and water sport activities are all over the island. Music, sunbeds, cold refreshments and turquoise sea; what else could somebody ask for! Well, if someone prefers more privacy, there are some beaches where you can relax away from noise and crowding.

Here is a list of the most worth-visiting beaches regarding people’s preferences:

  • New Golden and Golden Beach
  • Pounda
  • Santa Maria
  • Kolymbithres
  • Monastiri
  • Faragas

Day trips from Paros

Paros’ location makes it an ideal place for island hopping to the close islands. If you think you have seen enough on the island, then it is time to start a day trip from Paros and spend some hours in its little sister Antiparos, where many Hollywood stars prefer to go for their vacations. The ferries from Paros, also jump to Ios, Koufonisia and of course, to the opposing Naxos. You can too, check our ferry Paros Antiparos, Paros to Mykonos ferry, Santorini Paros ferry route pages in order to get more specific information about the particular routes.

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