Ferry from Corfu to Saranda

Ferry to Saranda - Romantic interior in the top roof restaurant in Saranda in Albania. Panoramic view from Lecursi castle.

Take a ferry from Corfu to Saranda and discover the coastal city on the Albanian Riviera that is becoming more and more popular with tourists in recent years!

The unique island of Corfu, a beloved destination for thousands of tourists every year is located just a short ride from the coastal town of Agioi Saranda in neighboring Albania. The passage from Corfu to Agioi Saranda is quite easy and quick and it is a challenge for tourists to get acquainted with a completely different culture and landscapes. In the lines below, we give you some useful information about this route from the island of Corfu in Greece to Saranda, the Albanian city that is located near the Ionian Sea, even if you are planning to organize it as a day trip!

Distance between Corfu and Saranda

The ferry distance between Corfu (main port) and Saranda, which is situated in the southeast part of Albania, is 18 nautical miles (approx. 35 km) whilst with the northern end of Corfu, is only 9 nautical miles (14 km).

Ferry time and type of vessels from Corfu to Saranda

The ferry time required for the crossing from Corfu to Saranda varies depending on the type of vessel. With a high- speed vessel or flying dolphin, the trip lasts 30 minutes, while with a conventional vessel, the crossing takes about 70 minutes. Although the high-speed vessels take less time, there are many who prefer the option of conventional ships so that they can have more time to capture photos and enjoy the sea breeze and the view of the endless Ionian Sea!

Corfu to Saranda ferry frequency

For the crossing from Corfu to Saranda the ferry frequency can be from 2 (in low season) to 13 (in high season) on a daily basis, depending on the season and demand. The high season in Albania is July and August where there are the most sailings. During winter there are at most 2 ferry connections while in spring and autumn there are from 4 to 7 ferries per day.

Helpful comments for your trip from Corfu to Saranda

  • Due to the popularity of this route, we suggest that you book your ferry tickets from Corfu to Saranda in advance and secure your visit to Saranda, especially during the summer period
  • You can check our online booking engine to get the opportunity to view all available schedules, compare prices and choose the type of vessel which is more suitable for you
  • In our Corfu and Saranda pages you can have all the necessary information for organized and relaxed holidays
  • You can even make a day trip to Saranda from Corfu
  • Be sure to arrive at the ferry terminal at least 45 minutes before the departure time and if you have a vehicle, 1 hour earlier is recommended
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