Ferry from Durres to Bari

Ferry to Bari - Selling vegetables in the streets of Mola di Bari, Puglia, Italy.

Travelers start their maritime adventures crossing the Adriatic Sea, on the luxurious conventional ferry from Durres to Bari in Italy's southeastern coast!

The Durres Bari ferry crossing connects Albania with Italy. Durres is the second largest city in Albania and is located in a peninsula, around 33 km western of the Albanian capital, Tirana. Durres is Albania's most important port and is one of the most ancient and economically significant in the country. On the southern Adriatic coast, Bari is an Italian city with an important port and a rich and fascinating history. Below, you are able to learn useful tips and information about your crossing from Durres to Bari.

Durres to Bari ferry distance

The ferry distance between Durres and Bari is 217 km (around 117 nautical miles).

Durres to Bari ferry duration

The sea crossing between Durres and Bari operates twice a day, throughout the year. The duration of the Bari - Durres ferry ride is approximately 8 to 9.5 hours, with mostly afternoon and evening departures.

Where do the ferries dock in Bari?

The New Port of Bari is used for all passenger ferries and cruise ships while the Old Port of Bari serves mostly small vessels, sailing boats, and fishing boats.

Useful tips for your journey from Durres to Bari

  • When boarding from Durres, make sure you arrive 2 hours earlier from your passage time since it gets crowded in high season months
  • In our Durres and Bari pages, you can get details about transportation services
  • By using the isferry booking engine, you are able to see all available ferry schedules, compare prices and pick the type of vessel you prefer for your trip
  • Carriers serving the particular route have vessels suitable for vehicle transportation while also offer the camping on board option
  • Keep in mind that the ferry trips from Albania to Italy can be long and are often overnight crossings, so we kindly advise you to book a bed-cabin for a more comfortable journey 
  • Book your ferry tickets from Durres to Bari in advance and have a delightful holiday in Italy
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