Ferry from Paros to Santorini

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Organize your trip by ferry from Paros to Santorini and be informed about all the details concerning the schedules and the accommodation options in advance!

The itinerary from Paros to Santorini by ferry is one of the most frequent sailings for the tourists who visit the Greek islands all over the year. Every summer the ships are crowded, despite the variety of daily routes, so it is advisable to book your ferry tickets from Paros to Santorini in advance in order to avoid not finding the time and date you wish.

Paros to Santorini ferry time

The Paros to Santorini ferry time can be different depending on seasonality, vessel type and the intermediate stops to other Aegean islands. The fastest direct crossing with high-speed vessels has a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes while the sailing with a conventional ferry with stops can take almost double the time to arrive at the destination port.

Ferry schedule from Paros to Santorini

During the summer months the ferries to the Cyclades run more frequently, usually three or four times per day while the other periods there are one or two daily routes. You can choose between the high-speed or the conventional vessels estimating the time, the prices and the accommodation options.

High-speed or conventional ferry to Santorini from Paros?

If there is a doubt with which type of vessel it is better to make the trip to Santorini from Paros, by high-speed or conventional ferry, you should know that with the fast boat the travel time is reduced. Although, in case of bad weather conditions, the sailing may be not pleasant for passengers who get easily sea sick. On the other hand the trip with a conventional boat is slower but there is the opportunity to stay on deck and enjoy the endless sea view of the Aegean.

Paros to Santorini day trip

Although several daily sailings connect Paros island to Santorini, it is not recommended to arrange a Paros to Santorini day trip, as your stay in the island will last only a few hours. If you have the time it is better to stay at least for one night to feel the magic of Santorini. In order to be informed about all the possible routes and organize your visit check our booking engine early enough to confirm your tickets.

Useful tips for your trip

  • Paros port can be crowded during peak periods so be prepared to to be at the port in time for check-in and embarkation usually 1 hour before departure
  • Cars are allowed in the conventional ships and in some types of high-speed ferries, so please check the availability in our booking system and organize your trip
  • Upon your arrival in Santorini port, you do not have to worry about your transportation as local buses and taxis can take you to your destination
  • Check our pages for Paros and Santorini for more detailed information about your holidays
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