Ferry from Piraeus to Santorini

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Read all you need to know about the ferry from Piraeus to Santorini and plan your trip to this magical island that will amaze you with its natural beauty!

Only a few kilometers away from the city center of Athens, you will find the port of Piraeus, the chief port of Athens and one of largest ports in Europe, facing the Argo-Saronic Gulf. Book a ferry from Piraeus to Santorini and enjoy your holidays in this worldwide famous holiday hub that fascinates its visitors with its fantastic beaches and breathtaking views of the stunning caldera.

Piraeus to Santorini distance

The distance from the port of Piraeus and the port of Santorini is approximately 236 km (127 nautical miles).

Ferry duration to Santorini from Piraeus

The ferry trip duration ranges from 4-5 hours with a high-speed ferry and from 7-10 hours with a conventional ferry.

Should I book a conventional or a high speed ferry?

If you want to enjoy the sea view and have a big variety of seating, then we suggest you to choose a conventional ferry. On the other hand, If you want your ferry ride to be as short as possible, then you better book a high-speed ferry.

Ferry schedule from Piraeus to Santorini

The ferry route from Piraeus to Santorini is quite affordable. The price fluctuates depending on the offers, vessel type, accommodation type and ferry company. During the winter season, there are 2-3 routes per day and during the summer season you will be able to find even up to 6 routes.

Where do the ferries arrive in Santorini?

All passenger or car/ passenger ferries to Santorini, arrive (and depart) in Athinios port, located approximately 10 km from the capital, Fira, at the bottom of the caldera. There, you will find regular buses and taxis that will take you to Fira and the rest of the settlements, beaches and attractions.

Tips for your trip to Santorini

  • Santorini has many visitors, especially during summer, so make sure you book your ferry tickets in advance. Sailings sell out fast at busy periods.
  • Use our online booking engine to find the most convenient route and price for you
  • For easy embarkation and check-in, it is suggested to arrive at the port of Piraeus at least one hour before your scheduled departure
  • Around the port of Piraeus and the port of Athinios, are parking areas, ATMs, shops, restaurants and cafes
  • Santorini requires at least 4 days in order to be fully explored
  • Visit our Piraeus and Santorini pages so as to find out how you can reach and leave the ports
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