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Passengers traveling by ferry to Ravenna arrive in the capital city of the same-named province of Ravenna in the Emili-Romana region of Italy!

In former times the city used to be located at the seafront of the Adriatic coast. Due to siltation the city is now located 9 km away from the coast and is connected to the port Corsini and the Marina di Ravenna by the Candiano Canal. Ravenna features a healthy economy and good infrastructure. Tourism and Industry are the main pillars of its economy. Not only the city centre but numerous baths at the seaside with a lot of campsites, holiday homes and hotels serve the needs of tourists. Large parts of those places are nature reserves. On the other hand, the industrial areas include an oil refinery, chemical industry and energy industry, a steel mill and clothes and food industry.

Tourists traveling to the destination Ravenna can visit if they want to, a lot of interesting places. Early Christian churches, baptisteries, museums, mausolea and mosaics determine the art history picture of the city. Many buildings are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and the Mausoleum of Theoderich, Sant Apollinare Nuovo, Baptistery of the Arians and the Orthodox, Bishop Chapel and the Sant Apollinare in Classe. Those who leave the city with ferries from Ravenna should have visited the central Piazza del Popolo, the Alighieri and the Rasi Theatre, the Oriani Library, the Palace of the Province, the Palace of Arts and Sports “De Andre”, the big market hall, the museum for dolls, and the city tower.

Ravenna covers an area of 652 square kilometres. Approximately 154,000 people live in the city. Population density is 237 inhabitants per square kilometre. Ferry routes Ravenna are very well developed and all included in isFerry’s real-time Ravenna ferry timetable. Among other ports, the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras are reachable from Ravenna.

Ferry Port Ravenna

Forthcoming information advises on how to get to the ferry port Ravenna from the Bologna Airport and the Ravenna city center by train, bus and taxi.

How to get to Ravenna Port

How to get to the Ravenna port from the Bologna International Airport and the Ravenna City Center?

Bologna International Airport to Ravenna Port

Upon arrival at the Bologna International Airport, you can get to the Ravenna Port easily by train and bus. See below your alternatives in further detail.


The city center of Bologna is very close to the airport. Get the line 40 bus and get off at the train station Bologna Centrale and board on the train to Ravenna. More specific information at Bologna Trains.


Take the bus straight to Ravenna. Detailed information on Bologna Airport Bus.

Ravenna City Center to Ravenna Port

From the City Center of Ravenna, you can get to the Ravenna port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means.


There is a public bus service between Ravenna city center and Ravenna port (Porto Corsini). The buses start from the Ravenna train station in the center of the city. Please visit Ravenna Buses for further details.


Taxis are always a safe choice. Visit Ravenna Taxis or call +39 054433888.

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