Ferry from Saranda to Corfu

Ferry to Corfu - Traditional easter holidays in Corfu island, Greece. Windows and balconies at Liston Square in Kerkyra.

Plan your trip by ferry from Saranda to Corfu, a popular vacation combination of recent years, exploring the beauty of two countries just a few miles apart!

Saranda, the capital in the Albania Riviera, has attracted many visitors in recent years, especially from the neighboring Italy, due to its great touristic development. The city of Saranda with its port located right in the center is about 250 kilometers from the city of Durres and 170 kilometers from the city of Vlora, which means that there is also a domestic tourist flow in the summer period. All year round hydrofoils (for passengers only) or small ferries (for passengers with vehicles) operate with services between Saranda and Corfu town. Undoubtedly, it is a challenge for anyone staying in Saranda to visit the island of Faiaka, Corfu, in only 30 minutes!

Sailing distance from Saranda to Corfu

The sailing distance from Saranda to Corfu port is just 18 nautical miles(35 km). Saranda is Albania's southernmost port and is located in a short distance from the Greek island of Corfu. 

Saranda to Corfu ferry schedule

The ferry crossing between Saranda and Corfu has a maximum duration of 30 minutes and there are departures throughout the day. There are approximately 42 ferry departures on a weekly basis. Choose among several departures and ferries and book your ferry tickets from Saranda to Corfu in advance for a relaxing and enjoyable trip!

High-speed ferries from Saranda to Corfu

The route is served by hydrofoils and high speed vessels that will get you to the stunning island of Corfu in a very short time.

Useful Tips for your trip from Saranda to Corfu

  • Albania is not in the EU, therefore for citizens of an EU, a valid ID-card or a valid passport is required. Citizens of a non-European country subject to visa obligation in the Schengen zone need a valid passport and a residence permit or visa of the country belonging to the Schengen zone
  • Do not wait until the last minute to book your tickets. Search online through the isFerry booking engine and make sure you get the departure that suits you best
  • Choose your trip by ferry from Saranda to Corfu which is undoubtedly a perfect option even for a day trip
  • Upon your arrival in Corfu you will discover many worth visiting places and interesting sightseeing. For more information just click on our dedicated web page about Corfu   
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