Levante Ferries

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Levante Ferries is a Greek ferry company that operates on the Ionian Sea established in 2015. The relatively new shipping company is a member of the Ionian Group and consists of a modern fleet and an ambitious team of young people which aim to permanently offer high quality services.

FIOR DI LEVANTE is the newest and most luxurious ship between Zakynthos and Killini with a capacity of 1,140 passengers. Inside the boat you can find 2 passenger escalators offering disability support, children’s playroom, special storage and refrigerators for passengers, pet kennels, luxurious inner areas and video games.

MARE DI LEVANTE is well known for its reliability and comfort amongst customers thanks to its spacious and luxurious rooms. It comes with full air-conditioning, smoking friendly bar, 2 inner bar lounges and 1 open deck bar, wifi and plug sockets for cell phones.

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