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Saronic Ferries connect the islands of Aegina, Agistri, Poros and Methana with the port of Piraeus.

The fleet consists of 4 vessels, PHIVOS, ACHAEOS, POSEIDON HELLAS and APOLLON HELLAS.

"PHIVOS" is a car and passenger vessel with a capacity of 120 vehicles and 1200 passengers respectively. Fully renovated, it offers five separate lounge areas, 3 bars and plenty of space in the open deck for those who wish to sit outside or for those who are carrying pets on board. It also has an escalator for people with disabilities.

"ACHAEOS" is a modern, hi-tech ferry with luxurious passenger areas, offering a maximum quantity of 1000 passengers and 140 cars that are loaded in two decks ensuring maximum comfort and safety. The vessel has two electrical escalators enabling elderly or disabled people to have easier and safer embarkation.

"APOLLON HELLAS" offers a maximum capacity of 1380 passengers and 100 automobiles. Tourists have the opportunity to choose between two decks. On the upper deck, one can find an external snack bar and a seat under a sunroof.

"POSEIDON HELLAS" is a conventional ferry with loading/unloading platforms at both ends, enabling drivers to move forward during embarkation/disembarkation. The vessel can put up to 1300 passengers and 74 cars offering plenty of external seating covered and uncovered.


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