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Ferry to Agistri - Detail of a fishing net, Skala village on Agistri island, Greece.
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Take the ferry to Agistri and in less than an hour from Athens, arrive in one of the prettiest Greek islands of the Saronic Gulf, ideal for weekend escapes!

The island is really small and it takes ten minutes to drive from the northern village of Megalochori to Limenaria in the far south.
However it’s not just the proximity to Athens that makes Agistri worth a visit. The island is perhaps one of the last few romantic destinations in Greece, a green, lush island with many unspoiled charms, hills where wild oregano, figs and lemons grow among the pine forests.

There are only four settlements on the island: Milos (Megalochori), Skala, Limenaria and Metochi.

Milos though is the main village where the majority of the locals live. The village of Skala has the most hotels and tourist facilities. Limenaria is located on the other side of the island and Metochi is on the evergreen slopes between Megalochori and Skala.

According to Homer, Agistri was known as the ancient island of Kekrifalia (which means adorned head) and appears as an ally of Aegina during the Trojan War. Archaeological researches show signs of ancient habitation dating back to 2.500 years. Agistri along with the island of Aegina and the neighboring islands were part of the Kingdom of Aegina of the mythical King Aekos.

Agistri sandy beaches with emerald waters and the island’s natural beauty along with the peacefulness are the standouts of the island.

Book your ferry tickets to Agistri in advance and enjoy the calmness and the hospitality of the islanders in one of the greenest islands in Greece, with pine trees reaching the surface of the sea.

Ferry connections to Agistri

Either you want to spend two days or just a day trip, Agistri is the best option for you, since it offers a unique tranquility. There is a regular ferry connection between Agistri and Athens. You can choose either a normal or a hydrofoil ferry to take you to the small peaceful island with the pebbled beaches and serene coves that will definitely fascinate you.

From Piraeus to Agistri

The distance from the port of Piraeus to the island of Agistri is 35km so getting to the island by ferry is the easiest and fastest way. There are many routes available throughout the whole year with both high speed and conventional ferries (most of the shipping companies have a garage for the visitors that want to travel with their car). The duration of the trip is approximately 55 minutes with the high speed ferry and about 1-2 hours with the conventional ferries. During the summer period you will find more than 5 sailings per day.

From Aegina to Agistri

You can also get to Agistri from the island of Aegina. There are more than 2 ferry routes per day either with a conventional ferry or a flying dolphin. The duration of the trip with the conventional ferry is approximately 20 minutes and with a high speed ferry the duration is less than 15 minutes.

Agistri ferry port

Just an hour away from the capital of Greece, Athens, Agistri is the best option for those that want to spend their vacation near Athens. Agistri has two natural ports which are approached by ferries either from Piraeus or the neighboring island of Aegina. The port of Skala and the port Megalochori. Usually the ferries sailing from the port of Piraeus dock at the port of Skala while the flying dolphins usually dock at the port of Megalochori, in the administrative capital of the island ( also known as Agistri Myli) and both ports are linked to Aegina.

  • Skala Port

Skala has the majority of apartments, hotels, studios and rooms for tourists. There is also a very shallow beach with aquamarine waters, ideal for families. For your entertainment there are cafes and bars operating all day and a few taverns with a variety of appetizers and snacks.

  • The port of Myli in Megalochori

The distance from the port of Skala is 1km. Megalochori is the main town of Agistri. Here you will find some of the oldest houses on the island, a choice of supermarkets and souvenir shops.
In the centre of the town you will find taverns and bars.


There are public buses departing from Skala, in front of the Church of Saint Anargyroi, with directions to Megalochori (Myli), Limenaria, Dragonera and Aponissos.

For more information, please visit Agistri Buses.

Water Taxi

There is an alternative way to move around Agistri with water taxis. In order to arrange a transfer, please call on the numbers:

+30 694 4535 659 water taxi in Megalochori
+30 697 2229 720 water taxi in Skala


A taxi is the fastest way to get to your destination. You will find one in central spots or call on the numbers:

+30 697 7662 004, +30 697 7618 040

Sightseeing in Agistri

Since the island is small, except for nice beaches and the small villages there isn’t much sightseeing on the island, compared to more commercially developed islands.

For your convenience please find below some of locations we recommend you visit:

  • Visit the village of Skala and take a romantic walk, especially at sunset or for a livelier holiday experience visit one of the busy bars where you can enjoy music until late into the night. Located next to the beach of Sakala you will find the Church of Agioi Anargyroi, the most photographed church on the island. A night walk with the traditional carriage of the island is also suggested.
  • Take a walk around the Lekani Lake in Limenaria, surrounded by pine trees, on the southwest part of Agistri with rare species of plants and various birds. This place is also ideal for bike riding and trekking.
  • While in Limenaria visit also the small Church of Agia Kyriaki, celebrated on the 7th of July with a folk festival ( in greek called panigiri) taking place.
  • High in the hills is the village of Metochi with a great view of Skala and Milos. In this village you can make great walking and exploring excursions through the traditional houses and the pine forest fragrance. Enjoy the sunset from the church of the Virgin Mary.
  • Visit Megalochori, the island’s capital, once a naval base, today a simple fishing port and take an enchanting walk through its tiny, winding streets bright with fuchsia flowers. In the center of the village is the Church of Zoodochou Pigis. It is celebrated one week after Easter with two day celebrations, parties and service fairs where all the locals meet.
  • Go for a horse riding Aponisos Horse Riding School.
  • Explore the coast of the island on a kayak with Go Kayak Greece.
  • Discover the beautiful underwater world at the Agistri Scuba Diving Center.

Hotels & Accommodations

The most convenient place to stay , with the most accommodation types is the center of picturesque Skala but in Megalochori there are also some nice hotels, close to the beach.

See below a selection of accommodations in Agistri:

  • Saronis Hotel
  • Dionysos Hotel
  • Oasis Beach Hotel
  • Yianna Hotel
  • Aktaion Hotel
  • Hotel Andreas
  • Alkyoni Rooms
  • Vasilaras Hotel
  • Hotel Milos
  • Hotel Alexandra

Beaches in Agistri

Walk around the island and discover the small pebbled, sandy beaches with amazing water and the hidden coves.

You will find below the best beaches in Agistri:

  • Chalikidia beach: Chalikiada beach is a rocky secluded cove, located in Limenaria village, 4km south west of Megalochori, surrounded by a pine forest with blue- green colors. Make sure you take some food and drinks with you, the beach is non organized and nudism friendly.
  • Aponisos beach: a great place for swimming , with crystal clean water, located on the west coast of the island. 8km southwest of Megalochori. There, you will find a traditional seaside tavern where you can enjoy a meal and the view of some neighboring deserted islands.
  • Dragonera beach: located on the west coast of Agistri, approximately 3 km south west of Megalochori. Here you can enjoy the sparkling turquoise waters, the forest reaching down the shore and the mountains, all at the same time. The beach has some sun loungers and sun shades. Ideal beach if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere and calmness.
  • Skala beach: the most popular, partly organized beach and well supplied just a couple of km away from the village of Skala.Ideal for families, with shallow crystalline waters.
  • Mariza beach: secluded, non organized beach just behind the village of Limenaria, 5km south of Megalochari. There is a wonderful seabed platform in the deep from where you can enjoy this rock cove with the sparkling water.

Island Hopping from Agistri

Agistri is a part of the Saronic islands which are very popular for short distance getaways and weekend breaks because they are the closest islands to Athens. Agistri offers the option of visiting the neighboring islands of the Saronic Gulf and if you have some extra days we suggest you take a ferry and in just 10- 20 minutes arrive in the port of Aegina or do some island hopping from Agistri to the nearby Poros, Hydra and Methana.

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