Ferry from Athens to Aegina

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Taking the ferry from Athens to Aegina, you approach one of the most visited Saronic islands, ideal even for a day trip, with every day departures and arrivals!

Traveling to the Greek island of Aegina from the main port of Athens, Piraeus, is a great experience either by conventional vessels or hydrofoils. Every summer several fully booked ferries depart daily from Piraeus to Aegina which is situated just a few kilometers from the capital of Greece. The island of the Saronic complex offers a great opportunity for visiting Agistri or Poros.

Piraeus to Aegina Timetable

The Piraeus to Aegina timetable varies according to the arrival port, the seasonality and the type of vessel operating the relative route. From the early morning until late afternoon both in winter and summer months about 15 crossings are available mostly by the fast hydrofoils. Since the daily crossings are determined by the season needs, a quick review in our booking system will inform you in real-time about all the details.

Athens to Aegina ferry duration

The Athens to Aegina ferry duration ranges from 40 minutes for a trip with hydrofoils to 75 minutes if the sailing is operated by a conventional ferry. No matter what kind of accommodation you choose either an air-type seat for fast boats or a seat economy for conventional vessels, the journey will be pleasant and comfortable.

Best ferry from Athens to Aegina

In order to decide which is the best ferry from Athens to Aegina you have to know that for the trip with hydrofoils although it is faster, you are not allowed to stay in the open air deck and it has no garage for cars. On the contrary, traveling with a conventional vessel gives you the opportunity for a pleasant trip either inside or outside with or without your vehicle.

Athens to Aegina ferry distance

The Athens to Aegina ferry distance and more specifically counting from Piraeus port is calculated to be 28 km.

Useful information for your trip from Athens to Aegina

  • Book in advance your Piraeus to Aegina ferry in order to find availability for the sailing that suits you better
  • Cars are allowed only in conventional ferries
  • Have a look at our page dedicated to Aegina to receive information about the means of transport available upon disembarkation
  • Check the arrival port of your ferry reservation as Aegina has 3 ports: The town port, Agia Marina and Souvala
  • Arrange a day trip to the nearby islands Agistri and Poros
  • Make sure to be in Piraeus port at least one hour before departure in order to have enough time to reach the appropriate gate for check-in and embarkation
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