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Ferry to Ancona - Duomo, architectural detail, building at old city, Ancona, Italy.
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The ferry to Ancona is connecting the homonym historical city in Italy’s east coast and Europe with the ports of Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras in Greece!

Ancona, Italy, is located on the eastern coast of the mainland, close to San Marino and almost in the middle between Venice and Bari. It is considered to be a city with a port of great importance due to the fact that it links Greece with Italy and Europe. Every year, the Ancona ferries are running from its seaport to Greece’s west side ports, Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras.

When in Ancona city, there are plenty of impressive historical places and sites to visit like the Piazza del Duomo of San Ciriaco, the Piazza del Senato with the Palazzo Ferretti housing the Museo Archeologico Nationale delle Marche and the Diocesano Museum. There are also numerous churches and palaces with the Byzantine architecture dominating. None can miss the imposing Arco di Traiano, built in the ancient times in honor of the Roman emperor Trajan as well as the Arco Clementino (Clementine’s Arch) dedicated to Pope Clement XII.

Note: Be sure that you book your ferry tickets from or to Ancona early because it is a port with high demand especially in high season and it is possible that you will not find tickets.

Ancona ferry to Greece

The Ancona ferry to Greece is anchoring at the Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras ports and there are several routes throughout the year, daily, mostly to Igoumenitsa and Patras. The journeys may take 16 to 22 hours but all the vessels are offering many accommodation options and amenities on board in order to make your crossing more as pleasant as possible.

Ancona Patra ferry: a daily and all-year-around route that gets more frequent in summer months (more than 2 crossings daily). The duration of Patras Ancona ferry is almost 23 hours. 

Ancona to Igoumenitsa: like the above, taking the ferries from Ancona to Greece's city of Igoumenitsa, is a very popular crossing which takes place every day and all year long with a sailing time around 16 hours.

Ancona Corfu Ferry: a ferry route taking place 3 times a week with a duration of around 15 hours.

Ancona ferry port

Ancona ferry port is so important firstly because of its huge size which can host many ship departures and arrivals and secondly because of its location, in central Italy and close to Europe. Most travelers from Europe are usually reaching it by their cars or campers and then cross the Adriatic and Ionian Seas with the camping on board option or by booking cabins since the voyage is long.

Ancona is easily accessible by train, bus or car from the big cities of Italy like Rome or Milan in the north. It is worth mentioning that close to the city (24 km) is the International Marche Airport and from there, you can take a taxi directly to Ancona port. You are also able to use the bus or train from the neighbor village, Castelferretti (2 km), and reach your destination in an average of 25 mins.

There are few ways of entering Ancona and these are:

By Train

Next to Marche Airport, formerly known as Falconara Airport, is the Castelferretti Railway Station. Services depart daily every 30 minutes and take approx. 17 minutes. After arriving at the station which is very close to the port, you have to take the bus or taxi to continue to Ancona Port. Please check the Ancona Train or call +39 066 847 5475.

By Shuttle Bus

Take the shuttle Aerobus Raffello from outside of the Airport terminal to Ancona Train Station which takes approx. 35 minutes and departures take place 3 times a day. Please check the Ancona Shuttle Bus or call +39 071 283 7411.

By Public Bus

Use the bus from the close village, Castelferretti to Ancona port. Transfers take place hourly and last approx. 40 minutes. Please check the Ancona Bus for timetables.

Please, note that in order to reach Castelferretti, you will have to take a 3 minute ride with a taxi from the airport or walk for around 20 minutes.

By Taxi

Outside the airport is the taxi stand. Take a taxi and get transferred directly to your destination. The distance is 18.5 km and the ride lasts approx. 21 minutes. Please check the Ancona Taxi or call +39 071 433 21.

By Car

Forthcoming information advises on how to reach the Ancona port with your own car driving from North or South of Italy.

Driving from North Italy

Driving from Motorway A14 you have to take the exit to "Ancona Nord". From there it's 15 km to the port. Take the road SS76 towards Ancona following the signs to the ferry check-in building. The exit "Turrets - Porto - Boarding" follows after 8 km and then continue to the road that runs along the coast of Ancona's port. After 2 km take the exit "Port" and after a little, you will reach the "Ancona Ferries Terminal".

Driving from South Italy

In highway A14, turn on the exit to "Ancona SUD'' (Ancona South, 12km to the Port). After 400 m a roundabout is located. There, you turn left and drive the SS16 to Ancona Center. The "Ancona Centro'' exit follows afτer 4 km and you have to drive it to its end. After the traffic light in front, go straight for 300 m until you reach a roundabout and take the third exit. Continue through "Via Martiri della Resistenza'' for 1 km, reach a second roundabout and enter "Via De Gasperi". After the traffic light, there is one more roundabout where you turn right. The exit "Port'' is found after 200 m which leads to "Ancona Ferries Terminal".

Holidays in Ancona

Except for an important hub, the city is exceptionally charming and has to offer many interesting and worth seeing sites, eating places with authentic Italian food accompanied by delicious wine, bars, shops, hotels and some fine beaches. It is possible to spend the holidays in Ancona and below are some of the things you can do:

Places and Sites

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also take a look at

  • Mole Vanvitelliana
  • The Cittadellia Park
  • The ancient Roman Amphitheatre
  • The Fontana del Calamo
  • The Calduti monument

Ancona Beaches

There are a few beaches in Ancona but the already existing ones cover all kinds of tastes. Rocky, pebbly, sandy, organized with sunbeds and service or secluded ones for more relaxing moments and these are:

  • The Portonovo Beach (rocky and organized)
  • Beach Sassi Neri (rocky and private)
  • The Due Sorelle or the Two Sisters (rocky cove, private)
  • Passetto Beach (close to the city, rocky)
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