Ferry from Ancona to Patras

Ferry to Patras - building in Patra Greece - carnival season.

Each year, thousands of passengers from Italy and central Europe are boarding on the ferry from Ancona to Patras in order to spread in Greece’s superb islands!

All year-round ferries are departing from Italy’s port of Ancona, in its middle eastern coast and arrive in the second largest port of Greece, Patras. Big ferries transfer thousands of passengers with or without their vehicles for their vacations to Greece’s jewels. Due to the fact that the journeys are quite long, the operating vessels provide luxurious and various facilities onboard in order to make the crossings pleasant and comfortable.

Ferry duration from Ancona to Patras

The ferry duration from Ancona to Patras fluctuates in around 24 hours. This is mostly depending on the ferry company and vessel type you are using.

Ancona - Patras distance

The distance between Ancona port and Patras port is around 911 kilometers (491 nautical miles).

Conventional ferry from Ancona to Patras

The only type of ferry which is currently operating from Ancona to Patras are the conventional ones. The particular ferries offer big garages and the opportunity to camp on board during the entire journey. They also got bars, pools, entertainment areas, cabins and a big variety of seats for the best traveling experience.

Ancona Patras ferry schedule

The ferry schedule from Ancona to Patras consists daily ferries throughout the whole year while in high season, there can be up to 12 crossings per week. Usually, the earliest departure begins at 13.30 and the latest around 20.00.

Useful information about your journey from Ancona to Patras

  • For international crossings such as the Ancona - Patras, please remember to carry your passport / ID card with you
  • The port of Ancona is very busy, especially in summer, so please make sure you arrive around 2 hours earlier for check-in and embarkation
  • If you are carrying your vehicle along, consider booking your ferry tickets from Ancona to Patras in advance since garages get full fast
  • Camping on board or booking a bed cabin can be the most comfortable way of traveling for the journey is long
  • Patras is a good starting point for exploring the islands of the Ionian Sea
  • In order to get information about transportation in Ancona and Patras, please visit their dedicated pages
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