Ferry from Athens to Andros

Ferry to Andros - Felos Beach in spring time on the Greek island Andros.

Taking the ferry from Athens to Andros, you approach one of the jewels in the crown of the Cyclades, ideal even for a day trip, with every day ferry routes!

Andros is the Cycladic island closest to Athens! It is the second-largest island after Naxos, and likewise has relatively high mountains, capes, and coves. Andros is the first island located in a projected line from Euboia, with Tinos and Mykonos in close succession.
Like all of Greece, Andros’ climate is Mediterranean, which means it gets relatively warm, rainy winters and dry, hot summers.

Depart for the beautiful Cyclades Islands and book your tickets in advance as this destination is in high demand especially during the summer months!

Athens to Andros ferry distance

The Athens to Andros ferry distance is approximately 45 miles, from the port of Rafina (occasional routes usually during summer). Also there is an indirect connection from Lavrion port but also not very often. In order to be informed about all the schedules in detail, visit our updated booking engine and make your booking with a few clicks.

Athens to Andros ferry duration

Lavrio is the smallest port in Athens,the journey from Lavrio to Andros takes approximately. Furthermore, you can book a ferry from Rafina to Andros. Rafina is the second largest of the three ports in Athens, the journey takes 1h 15m.

Athens to Andros ferry types

There are two basic ferry types for the route from Athens to Andros, the conventional ones and the high speed vessels.
Regular car ferries take more travel time but they are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones. Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing and enjoyable way to make the Athens - Andros trip, with all the fantastic Aegean sea views and the sea breeze someone can feel from the decks!
High speed ferry tickets are more expensive but the travel time is almost half! Occasionally there are high speed ferries from Athens to Andros available that can transport vehicles.

Useful information for your ferry trip from Athens to Andros

  • The port of Rafina can get quite busy in the summer, so we recommend that you arrive at least 1 hr before departure
  • The island of Andros is a very popular destination for summer vacation, so book your tickets in advance through our website and enjoy your ferry trip
  • The Rafina - Andros ferry route is the fastest way to travel from Athens to Andros by ferry
  • You can discover island-hopping options from Andros to nearby islands, such as Tinos, Mykonos and Syros
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