Ferry from Athens to Chios

Ferry to Chios - Stony road at Mesta village south Chios, Greece.

Start your journey by ferry from Athens to Chios and discover an island famous for its miraculous mastic and its rich history, a place full of hidden treasures!

Chios is located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea and is an island full of nobility, famous for its medieval villages and its traditional villages such as Pyrgi and Olympiada which stand out with their unique architecture. Its diverse landscape and its stunning beaches will charm you.
Chios has become famous mainly for the production of mastic and the tradition of captains and powerful families in the shipping industry. It is an authentic island with its own color, full of natural unexplored beauties that makes it a unique destination for unforgettable holidays.

Book Today and start your ferry trip from the capital of Greece, Athens to the jewel of the Aegean Sea, Chios and get ready for unique experiences!

Athens to Chios ferry duration

From Athens to Chios the ferry duration can last from 9.5 hours to 13.5 hours depending on the itinerary, the ferry and the stopovers on intermediate islands.

For detailed information on schedules, accommodation and prices you can explore our user-friendly booking engine.

Athens to Chios ferry distance

From Athens (port of Piraeus) to Chios the ferry distance is about 122 nautical miles (226 km).

Ferry types from Athens to Chios

Due to the long duration of the journey, the route is served by conventional ships and not by high-speed vessels. On these ships there are many accommodation options such as cabins of all categories as well as in airline-type seats. On board, there are plenty more facilities and services. We would suggest that if your itinerary is an evening or overnight sailing to choose a cabin for a more relaxing trip.

Ferry schedules from Athens to Chios

The ferry schedules from Athens to Chios are very frequent throughout the year. Usually the frequency of the routes is 8-10 per week. Departures vary depending on the season, with noon, afternoon and evening departures, with the earliest ferry departing at approximately 12:00, arriving at 19:40 on the same day and the last scheduled trip at 20:00, arriving at the port of Chios at 05:20 the following morning.

Useful tips for your journey from Athens to Chios

  • We recommend you to be at the port at least 1 hour earlier for the check in procedure, because the port of Piraeus is very busy especially during the summer period
  • Visit our dedicated pages for Athens (the port of Piraeus) and Chios to find out all necessary information for your journey
  • The island of Chios is ideal for island-hopping, as it is connected to many large islands such as Samos, Lesvos and Ikaria
  • For a more comfortable journey, we suggest you to book a cabin, since the journey is long
  • Μake sure of your ship's departure gate because the port of Piraeus is quite large with many gates
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