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Ferry to Chios - Stony road at Mesta village south Chios, Greece.
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Book a ferry to Chios and spend a few days to this hidden treasure, full of secrets, on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, that is waiting to be discovered!

The island of Chios has a rich history starting from the Neolithic Age, including stories and adventures with Saracene pirates and the Turks during the Greek War of Independence in 1822. Chios is also believed to be the birthplace of the presumed author of the epic poems Iliad and the Odyssey and it was certainly the birthplace of eminent Greek politicians and writers such as Adamantios Korais, Emmanouil Roidis and Alexandros Mavrokordatos.

Chios is particularly famous for its medieval villages and for its mastic production. Mastica is made from the sap of the tree Pistachia Lentiscus which is frown only on the southern side of Chios. Masticha has been cultivated since the 8th century due to its healing properties, unique taste and the many ways that this product can be used. This natural product is cultivated by hand and is nowadays used in dentistry, cosmetics, medicine and pharmacy but in the central market of the town of Chios you will be able to taste and buy mastic based jams and sweets, beverages and the local ouzo.

Tip: Visitors can participate in an agritourism program organized by some specialized local agencies, during which they can learn and participate in all the steps of the cultivation process of Mastiha.

Chios is an amazing island and you will need a week or so to really explore. The island has one of the most distinctive faces, thanks to the secluded beaches, the numerous monasteries, the many walking trails and the enchanting villages that have medieval castles and houses built with a unique fortress- like architecture.

If you want to explore Chios, book your ferry tickets in advance and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this popular destination for family holidays!

Ferry connections to Chios

From Piraeus to Chios

If you want to travel to Chios, one of the most picturesque islands of the eastern Aegean, getting there by a ferry is the best option.

The Piraeus to Chios ferry route connects Athens with the Aegean Islands. At the moment there are only two ferry operators serving this route. During winter there are approximately 3-4 weekly ferry crossings from the Piraeus port but during the summer season there are more than 7-10 weekly ferry routes.

The ferry route from Piraeus to Chios is usually served by a conventional ferry, and it takes from 7 to 10 hours to arrive in Chios. The conventional ferries offer the option of a garage for those that want to travel with a vehicle.

From Kavala to Chios

You can also book a ferry to Chios from the port of Kavala. The sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season. There is a selection of conventional ferries running from Kavala to Chios with intermediate stops and an approximate sailing time of 10-15 hours.

Chios ferry port

Chios has two ports. There is one near Chora and one near the village of Mesta. Both ports are currently operating with ferry routes from/ to the greek mainland and other destinations of the Aegean Sea and the Turkish coast. The port of Chora is located near the city center, on the east coast of the island and you will be able to find many shops, cafes and restaurants and car rentals. The Mesta ferry port is situated on the southwest coast of the island and it’s the second busiest seaport of Chios.

Chios Public Transportation

Either you want to reach the port or explore the island, Chios has two public buses that transfer visitors to the most touristy places on Chios and a few taxi stations in central spots that can get you fast and easy to your destination.

Blue Buses

The regular blue buses link the capital of Chios with the villages Vrontados, Karfas, Kampos and the nearby villages.

Green Buses

The regular green buses are going to villages further from Chios town, such as Pyrgi, Olympi, Volissos and Kardamyla and the wonderful beaches of Emporios and Nagos

Please visit Chios Bus or call: +30 227 1023086

Taxi Stations

There are taxis available all around the island with fixed rates to the main tourist attractions. Taxis in Chios are colored burgundy and white and the taxis that offer routes to the villages are silver colored. There is a taxi station in the central square of the town and at the port.

In order to book a taxi, please visit Chios Taxis or call +30 2271 200 112

Chios Airport to Chios Ferry Port

The National Airport of Chios “Omiros” is located near the village of Kampos, 3km away from the town of Chios and it receives only domestic flights, from Athens, Thessaloniki, Mytilene, Rhodes and Samos all year round.


Just outside the terminal there are many taxis that can get you to the port of Chios in just about 10 minutes.

If you want to book a taxi beforehand, please check Chios Airport Taxis or call +30 2271 200 112.

Holidays in the Greek Island of Chios

Even though Chios has made quite a name for itself with its mastic villages and the aristocratic nature of the island it’s one of the most unexplored islands of the north Aegean, full of hidden treasures, secrets and surprises. Explore the mystery of Chios and discover the ghost villages, the medieval castles and the many monasteries around the island. Chios is mostly famous for the mastic trees but since it’s an island with a strong local character and a rich history the visitors will find many interesting sights. You can see below some of the best places for sightseeing in Chios:

Monastery of Nea Moni

Located in the center of the island, this monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Greece. It was built by donation of the Byzantine emperor Constine IX Monomachos and his wife Empress Zoe on the location where a holy icon was found by some monks. It is one of the few preserved samples of the octagonal insular type with an amazing byzantine mosaic decoration. It is included in the Unesco World Heritage Monuments.

The Byzantine Museum

Housed in an old Ottoman mosque, it contains a collection of findings discovered in Chios. Its exhibits date from the early Christian times to the modern era. It aims to inform the visitors about the history and culture of Chios.

Korais Library and Argenti Museum

The Korais Library and Argenti Museum are found in the same area at the Korais Street, in the center of the island. The Library is one of the largest in Greece with approximately 250.000 volumes and it was built in 1792 as a part of the Great School of Chios. In the library you can also visit the Ethnological Museum and Folklore Argenti that contains a remarkable collection of costumes and embroideries from many different villages of the island.

Windmills of Chios

Located 1.5 km north of the city, were once part of the industrial production of leather.

Olympi Cave

The cave of Olympi is an amazing natural attraction with stalactites and stalagmites formations, located 35 km from Chios town. Enjoy the spectacular views over the Aegean.

Homer’s Stone

Right above the beach of Vrontados the rock Daskalopetra is one of the most famous attractions of the island. According to tradition, this was the place where the great poet Homer used to teach his students.

Volissos Castle

The well preserved castle in Volissos has a trapezoid shape with six circular towers and inside the castle there are several buildings, cisterns and churches. It was built during the Byzantine period, it was the main defensive fort and it used to protect the whole northwestern part of the island.

Chios Mastic Museum

Located in the Mastichochoria of southern Chios, the only place where the mastic tree is cultivated, it unveils the secrets of the mastiha cultivation techniques.


Located in the eastern part of the island overlooking the coast of Asia Minor. The thorough roads where Ottoman and Arabian architectures interlace with the modern buildings, provide a glance to the island’s history. Take a walk around the marketplace of Aplotaria where the merchants once used to sell their products or by the waterfront at the central port where a lot of taverns, restaurants and cafes make Chora one of the island’s most busy areas.

Chios Hotels

Chios has many accommodation options to offer such as hotels, resorts, apartments, studios and villas. Most of the hotels are located at the beaches around Chios Town, from the small coastal town of Vrontados ,at the eastern part of the island till the beautiful fishing village of Agia Ermioni, located 10 km south of Chios town and the popular destination on the island the small town of Karfas.

Below you can find some of the highest rated hotels and accommodations:

  • Chandris Hotel
  • Golden Sand Chios
  • City Point Chios
  • Diana Hotel
  • Emporios Bay Hotel
  • Avgonima All Seasons Hotel
  • Sun Village Chios
  • Erytha Hotel & Resort
  • Aegean Dream
  • Sea Breeze Hotel Apartments & Residences Chios

Beaches in Chios

Whether you prefer long sandy beaches or pebbled beaches, organized or secluded you will be able to find many beaches in Chios, with lovely surroundings and crystal clear waters, perfect for relaxation.

These are some of the best beaches that you definitely have to visit while on the island:

  • Emporios Mavra Volia beach: located 28km south west of Chios town. One of the most popular beaches of Chios with large black pebbles resulted from the explosion of a volcano
  • Karfas beach: located 10km south of Chios town. Shallow waters and lots of amenities for kids
  • Lithi beach: located 20 km west of Chios town. Here you can taste some of the best fish and seafood of the island after your swim in this small cove with the sandy shore and clean water
  • Vroulidia beach: located 35 km south west of Chios town. A small, cozy, secluded beach, surrounded by huge cliffs
  • Megas Limnionas beach: located 15 km west of Chios town. A really popular, family friendly beach close to the beach resorts of Agia Ermioni and Kardas with crystal water
  • Elinta beach: located 20km west of Chios town. This is a large secluded beach with white sand
  • Agia Eirini beach: located 30 km south west of Chios town. A partly organized beach, close to the Medieval village of Mesta
  • Lefkathia beach: located 42 km north west of Chios town. A really popular, sandy and organized beach perfect for sunbathing
  • Komi beach: located in the southern part of the island, 4km from the village of Kalamoti. One of the most cosmopolitan and beautiful organized beaches with clean and warm waters

Island hopping from Chios

The location of the island between the islands of the Northeast Aegean and the Dodecanese islands make it an ideal location for those that would like to take advantage of this opportunity and visit nearby islands. Chios is also close to the Turkish coast and there are daily ferry connections to the sea side resort town of Cesme.

Choose one of the following destinations that have a direct ferry connection from the ports of Chios:

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