Ferry from Athens to Hydra

Ferry to Hydra - Old aged bell in church at Hydra island in Greece at saronikos gulf.

Board on the ferry from Athens to Hydra and reach a getaway close to the capital of Greece after getting information about itineraries, vessels and prices!

The capital of Greece, Athens, is surrounded by islands which form ideal getaways for weekends or even for day trips. Hydra is one of them, belonging to the Saronic Islands complex, just a few kilometers southwestern of Athens. Getting to Hydra from Athens is achieved by using highspeed hydrofoils that are connecting Piraeus port with Hydra port and get filled every summer.

Duration of ferry boat from Athens to Hydra

The duration of the ferry boat from Athens to Hydra is fixed, lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. The distance between Athens (Piraeus port) and Hydra is 68 km (37 nautical miles).

Hydrofoil from Athens to Hydra

There are only hydrofoil vessels from Athens to Hydra island which are very rapid and comfortable. They provide numbered armchair seats and a bar for a quick snack.

Ferry schedule from Athens to Hydra

There are daily scheduled ferries from Athens to Hydra which get denser in summer months due to high demand. Please, check the isFerry booking engine for real time results and book the ferry that suits you best.

Tips for your trip from Piraeus to Hydra

  • Despite the fact that there are many daily ferries to Hydra, make sure you arrive in Piraeus port at least 1 hour earlier from your departure since it can get really crowded
  • Vehicles in Hydra are not allowed but there are other ways of getting around. Please, click on our Hydra page to find out more
  • There are available short trips from Hydra to the rest Saronic Gulf Islands like Aegina, Poros, Spetses and more. Book your ferry tickets from Athens to Hydra in advance and feel a great island-hopping experience
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