Ferry from France to Morocco

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Plan your trip by ferry from France to Morocco and live an amazing experience from the most beautiful port in Southern France to a fascinating African country!

France is one of the top European destinations all year round with a lot of attractions even for the most demanding visitor. It is located in central Western Europe and its ports play an important role in the country's commercial and tourist activities. France has 15 ports that gather a large number of tourists every year to travel to various destinations in Europe and Africa. Among these ports, the one of Sète has a primary position due to the connection it offers with Morocco, one of the most popular destinations.
Starting your trip from Sète port, also called “Venice of the Languedoc” because of the characteristic canals, you will visit a unique city and seaside resort in the Mediterranean, built on Mont St. Clair. Being a city of traders and fishermen in the past, Sete was inhabited by Italians who moved from the Amalfi coast seeking better living conditions. Walking along the Old port and the Old town you can see the colorful buildings and the canals where you can try a fresh fish menu at one of the seafood restaurants.

Traveling by ferry to Morocco you will reach a captivating country in North Africa which is ranked as one of the most popular destinations in the world. Endless deserts, ancient traditions, wild mountains, historical monuments, mosques, museums and imperial cities will enchant you from the first moment you arrive by ferry in Morocco. Of course, let's not forget to mention the exotic beaches and resorts that stretch along the country's 2000 kilometers of coastline.

There are several ports that serve the ferries arriving from Europe with first on the list the ports of Tangier-Med and Nador that connect Morocco with France, Italy and Spain.
Upon arrival to Tangier you can explore Medina(old city) with the narrow alleyways, the Petit Socco, the Kasbah fortress, once the residence of the Sultan, and the New City.

On the other hand, Nador, on the northeastern coast of Morocco, is a small city with a nice Corniche and the largest lagoon on the Mediterranean southern shore, Marchica, with an elegant and luxury resort for unforgettable holidays. A really interesting place is the Souk, a market with local products like spices, fruits, olives and souvenirs. A day trip to Melilla, 17 km from Nador, is an unforgettable experience. The walled city, a Spanish enclave in African territory, is located 17 km from Nador.

A magic experience is waiting for you! Book your ferry tickets from France to Morocco in advance with the best prices for you and your family!

France to Morocco ferry schedule

The France to Morocco ferry schedule includes several crossings during the high season (from June to September). During the winter season there are fewer routes.
The boat from Sète to Tangier runs 2 times a week and to Nador there are up to 2 weekly sailings. Our booking system is always updated with all the available ferry routes. With a quick visit you can check the timetable and make your reservation.

France to Morocco ferry time and distance

France to Morocco ferry time depends on the port of arrival in Morocco. In case of bad weather conditions the duration of the trip could be longer.
The ferry France - Morocco operates the following itineraries:

The Sète to Tangier Med trip lasts 46h and 15m and the distance is approximately 634 nautical miles or 1175 km.
The Sète to Nador trip lasts from 40h and 45m to 43h and 30m and the distance is approximately 581 nautical miles or 1077 km.

France to Morocco ferry type

Regular car/passenger ferries, operating the route from France to Morocco, take more travel time but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing way to travel between Sete and Tangier or Sete to Nador, with all the fantastic sea views and the sea breeze someone can enjoy from the decks. Any type of accommodation, such as inside and outside cabins, numbered economy and business seats is available. Self service and a la carte restaurants are at your disposal to enjoy a delicious meal or a snack during your journey.

Useful information for your France to Morocco journey

  • The Sète, France, to Tangier Morocco journey is very popular especially during the summer period. In order to find availability for a cabin the best option is to book your tickets in advance through our updated website
  • It is recommended to be at the port at least 2 hours before departure for check-in and embarkation, especially if you travel with your vehicle
  • Our pages dedicated to France, Morocco, Sete, Tangier and Nador give you information about the cities’ attractions, the means of transport and the ways to approach the ferry terminal
  • The boat from France to Morocco departs from Orsetti ferry terminal of Sète port. In any case check with the ferry company for possible changes before your departure
  • From time to time the shipping companies announce early booking offers. Our website is always updated with all current discounts and offers
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