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Ferry to Kastellorizo - Kastellorizo (Megisti, Meis), Greece.
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Passengers who take the ferry to Kastelorizo arrive at a beautiful and picturesque tiny island of the Dodecanese compex in the east side of the Aegean sea!

Kastelorizo island, officially known as “Megisti '', at a distance of 800 meters from the south coast of Turkey, enchants visitors from the first moment they will be at the port arriving by boat. Loved by the tourists who prefer an isolated island to spend their holidays, Kastelorizo with the three districts of Mandraki, Chorafia and Pigadia is located around the port under the medieval Castello Rosso (Red Castle). The impressive pastel colored houses and the old mansions facing the sea, stand imposing, testifying the traditional Dodecanese architecture. Some of them are repaired and renovated and others are abandoned due to migration of residents. Kastelorizo population according to the last census is 492 inhabitants.

Do not forget to book your ferry tickets in advance and visit Kastelorizo for a wonderful experience, an island of natural beauties, unique authentic architecture and history!

Kastelorizo ferry routes

The Kastelorizo ferry routes are available all year round, more often during summer and connect mainland Greece with departure Piraeus Port but also other islands like Rhodes, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Kos, Nisyros, Tilos and Symi.

Below are the most popular routes:

  • Piraeus to Kastelorizo is the ferry route from Athens with a sailing duration of about 22 hours., so it is advisable to book a cabin
  • Rhodes to Kastelorizo with a sailing duration of 3 hours is a more frequent route preferable by the tourists who visit the island of Rhodes for their summer holidays
  • Kos to Kastelorizo, a ferry trip that lasts about 10 hours, usually 2 times per week during the off season period, more often in summer

Kastelorizo ferry port

Τhe coloured two and three storey houses are amphitheatrical built around the Kastelorizo ferry port and it is a real magic to wake up in the morning and drink your coffee in a place like this admiring the crystal blue sea and the small fishing boats approaching the port. For the boats there is a refueling station at the port and also the necessary facilities like bank, post office, doctor and some shops for the basic provisions of the inhabitants of the island.

Kastelorizo Airport to Port

Kastelorizo airport is located 4 km from the ferry port which can be reached by the only taxi in the island or by bus during the summer months. For more information you can contact Kastelorizo Airport at the number +30 22460 49250.

Things to do in Kastelorizo

Below you can find our suggestions for the best things to do in Kastelorizo:

  • Castello Rosso means “Red Castle” because the rock takes on a reddish tinge under certain light conditions. It is said that the island took its name from this castle. On the Castello Rosso there are the ruins of the castle of the Knights of St. John built during the 14th century just to remind the glory and the history of this place
  • Archeological Museum of Megistri with a collection of findings from the classical, hellenistic and roman period
  • Palaiokastro Fortress on the west side of Kastelorizo is one of the most important monuments of the island built on the ruins of the ancient Doric citadel around the 3rd century BC. From this point you can admire the magnificent view to the sea
  • The Cathedral of Saints Konstantinos and Eleni built in 1835, with a bell tower made from marble, is an architectural and religious symbol of the island with a great importance for the social and cultural life of Kastelorizo
  • The Lycian Tomb situated below the Knights Castle, is the only known in Greece and it dates back to the 4th century BC. It has a Dorian facade and is a perfectly preserved tomb. The Lycians were the inhabitants of a large region in the southern coast of Turkey on the opposite side of Kastelorizo with the name Licia
  • Blue Grotto is the famous cave of Kastelorizo which can be visited by boat and under calm sea conditions. The entrance is very low, about a meter high, so only a small boat can enter and the passengers may have to bend. You can admire the stalactites and the light of the sun reflected in the interior of the cave
  • The worth visiting Ro islet is famous not only for its clear waters for swimming and diving but also for its history. The only inhabitants of the deserted island was Despina Achladioti, known as Lady of Ro, her husband and her mother. Born in 1890 she was moved in 1927 to Ro and stayed there alone until her death in 1982 at the age of 92. The Greek heroine, who guarded the island, raised the Greek flag every day from her first day she arrived until her death. She was buried on the island with full military honours
    A good idea is to go for an excursion from Katellorizo to Kas in Turkey with a sailing time of about 20 minutes. The frequency changes from season to season, so check our website for availability and schedules

Kastelorizo Beaches

  • Mandraki is the only sandy beach of Kastelorizo where you can swim in the crystal clear waters and taste the fish specialities in a local tavern
  • Ro Island Beach, where you can go by little boats
  • Agios Georgios and Strongyli are two islets accessible by boat. The sea of Agios Georgios for swimming is accessible by a small pier

Kastelorizo Hotels

Kastelorizo accommodation include hotels, airbnb’s and studios some of them are listed below:

  • Megisti Hotel
  • Agnanti Studios
  • Poseidon Hotel
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