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Travelers can take a ferry from Naxos to Athens on either a high-speed or conventional vessel to Piraeus or Rafina ports and less frequently to Lavrion!

A top destination for any kind of traveler is the island of Naxos which is the largest island of the Cyclades. The island has a huge variety of landscapes, mountainous and lowland with wonderful beaches, picturesque villages, and excellent attractions since ancient times.

In the peak tourist season you can travel to Naxos by ferry from Athens (port of Piraeus, Rafina or Lavrion) with several routes during the day from different shipping companies, while in winter they are reduced, however, there is always one daily connection. Due to a large number of visitors to Naxos Island, it is recommended to book your ferry tickets from Naxos to Athens in advance because tickets sell out quickly.

What is the travel distance from Naxos to Athens?

The ferry trip duration from Naxos to Athens depends on the port of destination and the type of vessel. In particular, the duration of the ferry from Naxos to Piraeus port can be about 3.5 hours with a high speed ferry and about 5 hours with a conventional one while from Rafina port, the duration of the ferry goes from 3 to 7 hours respectively depending on the ferry. Finally, the duration of the ferry from Naxos to the port of Lavrion, which is a less accessible port, lasts about 5.5 hours with a high speed ferry.

Which arrival port in Athens to choose?

When the question is which port of arrival is the most appropriate, we would say that each one has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the requirements and needs of each passenger.

Piraeus port has many connections and is very close to the center of Athens. However, there is a lot of traffic because it is the largest port in Attica.

On the other hand, the port of Rafina is smaller in size and with fewer connections than Piraeus, but it is much closer to Athens International Airport and does not have so much traffic.

Finally, the port of Lavrio is much smaller than the previous two but is also close to the airport.

Ferry schedule from Naxos to Athens

The ferry schedule from Naxos to Athens is constant and frequent to all Athenian ports during the high season with about 5 ferries per day in total, while in winter there are 1 or 2 ferries per day serving this route mainly to the port of Piraeus.

Every year, the summer schedules are announced by the shipping companies by the end of March! For up-to-date information on timetables and frequency, you can search through the isferry booking engine and organize your vacation quickly and easily!

Useful information for your ferry trip from Naxos to Athens

  • We recommend you to be earlier at the port for your check-in and embarkation procedure (at least 1 hour before your departure time) especially if you are travelling with your vehicle
  • Naxos is ideal for island hopping as it is surrounded by famous islands that can be reached in a short time by ferry
  • Visit our Naxos page and get all necessary information on how to move around, hotel accommodation options, must-see places, villages, beaches
  • Keep in mind that Naxos is a very large island and a car/scooter is a prerequisite for exploring it
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