Ferry from Piraeus to Mykonos

Ferry to Mykonos - Scenic view of the old town on the Greek island of Mykonos. Cactus and white villa.

Taking the ferry from Piraeus to Mykonos you arrive at one of the most visited worldwide Aegean islands in the most convenient, pleasant and fascinating way!

The port of Piraeus is just a few km from the city center of Athens and it can be approached by several means of transport. Conventional and high-speed ferries depart every day from the main port of the capital of Greece to the cosmopolitan island.
Mykonos, is a unique destination well known and adored by the tourists who dream to spend their vacation even for once in their life. Winter or summer makes no difference. The island is just as charming all year round. Τhe night life, the brand name shops, the town with the local taverns and bars, the luxury boutique hotels and of course the amazing golden beaches are some of the reasons why you should visit Mykonos, also called “the island of the winds”.

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Piraeus to Mykonos ferry distance

The Piraeus to Mykonos ferry distance is 85 nautical miles which equals to 160km.

Ferry time to Mykonos from Piraeus

The ferry time to Mykonos from Piraeus depends on the type of ship, the stopovers to other islands and the unpredictable weather conditions. The choice of a conventional ferry will take you in Mykonos in 4 to 5 hours but if you prefer a high-speed or a catamaran ferry the time is reduced to 2-3 hours.

Conventional or high speed ferry from Piraeus / Athens to Mykonos?

If you have the time to make a longer trip it is a good idea to book a conventional ship, to sit on the outside deck, admire the seaview and feel the sea breeze and sun. Also for people who get easily seasick it is a better choice. The high-speed ships are faster but more expensive and usually the seats are inside the ferry.

Ferry schedule from Piraeus to Mykonos

The ferry schedule from Piraeus to Mykonos may vary depending on seasonality. During the summer months there is a wide choice of any type of ferry departing and arriving from the early morning until late afternoon. In winter months there are 2 or 3 ferries daily.

Tips for your trip to Mykonos

  • Mykonos has many visitors, especially during the summer period, so book your tickets early enough to be able to have many schedules to choose from
  • For check-in and embarkation, be at the port of Piraeus one hour before departure, especially if you travel with a vehicle
  • Most ferries arrive at the New Port of Mykonos
  • Visit our Piraeus and Mykonos pages to be informed about the means of transport and port details
  • If you stay in Mykonos more than two days, visit the island of Delos, a world heritage archaeological site. A day trip is a good idea
  • Another close island to visit for a day trip is Tinos known for the church of Virgin Mary but also for the picturesque villages and crystal beaches
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