Ferry from Venice to Patras

Ferry to Patras - building in Patra Greece - carnival season.

Start your journey by ferry from Venice to Patras, a major port and third largest city in Greece, a gateway to the West and get ready for unique experiences!

Patras is the largest city in the Peloponnese, the capital of Achaia in Western Greece and the third largest city in Greece, after Athens and Thessaloniki. It is an important urban center and has one of the largest ports in Greece, at a hub, which is a major communication channel with Italy and the European West, important both from a transport and commercial point of view. The city has a rich and long history, while today it is a modern large city with significant industrial and commercial traffic, with its port being one of the most important in Greece and the main gateway to the West. The city of Patras is of great cultural importance with its carnival that crosses the borders of the country and also from a scientific point of view with higher educational institutions that make the city an important scientific center! The most famous street of the city is in the area of Agios Nikolaos, a short distance from the Old Town, characterized by cobbled streets with magnificent neoclassical mansions that serve as a reminder of the city's glorious past.
In the area of Patras and in the wider region there are remarkable archaeological sites, monuments, museums, temples and monasteries that will acquaint the visitor with the history of this place.

Have it all arranged by booking your journey in advance and enjoy a wonderful crossing through the Adriatic and Ionian Seas!

Ferry distance from Venice to Patras

The ferry distance between Venice and Patras is about 692 nautical miles (around 1113 km).

Venice to Patras ferry time

For the route Venice - Patras, the ferry time is between 32 and 34 hours, depending on the type of ship and the schedules of each ferry operator.

Types of vessels from Venice to Patras

Due to the long duration of the journey, the type of vessels that operate the Venice - Patras route are large modern ships with many amenities on board, a large number of cabins and the possibility of transporting cars and caravans!

Ferry schedules from Venice to Patras

The Venice-Patras route connects Northern Italy with Western Greece and operates all year round with 2 to 3 departures per week and usually with midday departures!

Tips for your trip from Venice to Patras

  • The Venice to Patras ferry route provides early booking discounts and special offers, so we recommend you to visit our booking engine to find the best option for your budget
  • We suggest that you to are at the port at least 2 hours prior to the departure for the check in and embarkation procedure, especially if you are travelling with a vehicle
  • As the trip from Venice to Patra is long, for a relaxed and comfortable overnight journey, we recommend you to book a cabin through our booking system through easy and simple steps
  • For more information on how to have access to Venice or Patras port, please visit our dedicated pages respectively
  • By using local ferries from the port of Patras, you can visit other ports in Ionian, such as Ithaca and Kefalonia
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