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Camping on board

With camping on board is possible at all times*! You can book camping on board at any ferry company sailing the route Italy-Greece-Italy. If you make use of Camping an Bord you are not always obliged to book a cabin. Camping on board can offer you the opportunity to use your own camper van throughout the entire journey.

Every single ferry operator maintains their own company policy regarding camping on board. For specific information about camping on board please navigate to the pages Anek Lines camping on board, Anek-Superfast Ferries camping on board, Superfast Ferries camping on board and Minoan Lines camping on board.

In addition, on the page camping on board Greece you can find information about camping on board with pets. The camping on board pet policy in this form applies to every ferry operator offering camping on board.

*The camping on board service of Minoan Lines is all year round available! The camping on board service of Anek-Superfast Ferries is available from 01.04 to 31.10 and not on all Vessels!
Please note that the booking machine of only provides the option “Deck passage” when camping on board bookings is made (second booking step) in order to continue the camping on board booking process. Should accommodation in the own camper van during the crossing not be permitted, the booking machine of will automatically invoice an inside cabin at the price of the deck passage plus camper vehicle (third booking step).

Motorhome on board

Take advantage of the early booking deal for motor home on board and enjoy the low-priced opportunity for you to cross Italy-Greece-Italy by ferry. Pitches for motor home on board are always quickly booked out. As a result, a limited availability of pitches for motorhome on board is possible not only during the high season. Even during the low season, when there are now holidays, pitches for motorhome on board are rapidly booked out. Greece’s mild climate offers ideal weather conditions for a journey with motor home on board both in spring and in autumn. Should you wish to travel with motorhome on board, you might want to book immediately after the announcement of the new schedules. Benefit from the offer of the early booking deal and make reservations in time for your motor home on board on our web site

Motorhome on board bookings do not apply to early booking deals of Anek-Superfast Feris and the routes Ancona-Greece-Ancona by Anek-Superfast Ferries

Camper on Board

Travel by camper on board to Greece and enjoy further discounts. All possible camper on board discounts can be calculated automatically at the time of booking through the live-booking machine of our web page

Automobile club member discount (e.g. ADAC, OEAMTC, TCS and more). Only on the web page of a camper on board discount for automobile club membership is automatically calculated.

A discount for seniors, adolescents, children and families also applies to those traveling with their camper on board.

Caravan on Board

Caravan on board may be available all year round but not steadily from the same ferry operators. If you wish to have a detailed list of the weekly timetables of caravan on board, please go to the pages Anek Lines timetables, Anek-Superfast Ferries timetables, Superfast Ferries timetables and Minoan Lines timetables. Or fill in the boxes of the above mentioned Live-booking machine of with the travel data of your choice and click on “search” in order to generate caravan on board results.
Please notice that all data apply to campervan, motorhome or caravan, as well as to caravan on board. The terminological variety solely exists in order to serve the technical efficiency of the search engine.


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