Ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa

Ferry to Igoumenitsa - Red ferryboat navigate in the Gulf of Igoumenitsa to arrive in Italy.

Plan your ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa and travel from Europe's busiest commercial port to the key port for Adriatic routes and gateway to Northern Greece!

The port of Ancona is located in the center of the Italian Adriatic coast and is the main passenger port in Italy with almost 1.5 million passengers passing through each year. It is the starting point for several shipping companies and especially the route from Ancona to Igoumenitsa has become over the years the main route between Central Europe and Greece. Upon your arrival at the port of Igoumenitsa, you will come into contact with a lively city with different landscapes, the Ionian Sea on one side and the mountains of Epirus on the other. To be noted that very close to Igoumenitsa there are the Ionian Islands and other famous places like Parga and Sivota.

Ferry distance from Ancona to Igoumenitsa

The ferry distance from Ancona port to Igoumenitsa is 390 nautical miles (approximately 720 km).

Ancona to Igoumenitsa ferry time

For the route from Ancona to Igoumenitsa, the ferry time is between 15 hours and 18 hours depending on the type of vessel and the schedules of each ferry operator.

Types of vessels from Ancona to Igoumenitsa

The types of vessels that make this crossing are large, well-equipped cruise ships that allow transfer of vehicles. Although the journey is long, you will certainly enjoy it thanks to the onboard amenities and services.

Ferry schedules from Ancona to Igoumenitsa

The Ancona Igoumenitsa line is covered by the largest and well-known ferry operators all year round with a total number of 13 departures per week, mostly in the afternoon and evening in the low season and up to 16 departures per week in the high season.

Tips for your trip from Ancona to Igoumenitsa

  • The Ancona to Igoumenitsa ferry route provides early booking discounts and special offers, so we recommend you to visit our booking engine to find the best option for your budget
  • We suggest you to be at least 2 hours prior to the departure at the port especially if you are travelling with a vehicle
  • For a relaxed and comfortable overnight journey we recommend you to book a cabin through the user-friendly and simple isFerry booking system 
  • For more information on how to have access to Ancona or Igoumenitsa port visit their dedicated pages
  • By using local ferries from the port of Igoumenitsa, you can cross over to Corfu, Paxoi, Kefalonia and the other Ionian islands
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