Ferry fro Cesme to Chios

Plan your trip by ferry from Cesme to Chios starting from a Turkish coastal resort town with a destination to the Greek island, a hidden treasure of the Aegean!

The Cesme Chios ferry route is a very popular itinerary which connects one of the best seaside towns in the izmir province of Turkey with the “Mastic island” as Chios is widely named. The medieval villages and towns with the well-preserved castles and towers, the 11th century Byzantine Monastery, the beautiful beaches, the procession of the Mastic production are some of the reasons that the island has become a favorite tourist destination throughout the year.

Organize your dreamed holidays to the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, book a Turkey to Greece ferry with your ideal accommodation option and enjoy the sea, the sun, the historical sites, the delicious cuisine and the unique atmosphere of the local markets.

Cesme to Chios ferry time

The Cesme to Chios ferry time is approximately 30 minutes and the distance is estimated to be 9 nautical miles. With such a close distance it is an opportunity to visit both places as they can offer you different experiences, knowledge and entertainment.

Cesme to Chios ferry schedule

Cesme to Chios ferry schedule may change depending on seasonality but there is at least one sailing per day. In order to find out the travel times and frequency take a look in our booking engine and make your reservation with the best rates.

Conventional or High Speed ferries from Cesme to Chios?

Conventional and high-speed ferries operate the route from Cesme to Chios. As the distance is not long the choice of the type of vessel depends on each passenger's preferences regarding the price and the accommodation type, as the regular ferries are slower, less expensive and have outside decks.

Useful tips for your ferry trip

  • The route from Cesme to Chios is very popular during the summer period, so book your tickets in advance in order to find availability
  • Be at the port 90 minutes before departure for check-in and embarkation
  • In our dedicated pages for Cesme and Chios you can find detailed information about places of interest and transportation options
  • Α short excursion to the small islands of Psara and Oinousses is recommended when you are in Chios
Map of Ferry Port of Cesme in Turkey

Ferry Port Cesme

  • Musalla Mahallesi, 19, Atadağ Cd., 359 30 Çeşme / İzmir, Turkey
  • Tel.: +90 232 712 8749
  • GPS: 38.322292, 26.297226
Map of Ferry Port of Chios at North Aegean Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Chios

  • 56, Leof. Aigaiou, 821 00 Chios, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 227 102 2770
  • GPS: 38.369678, 26.138036
Map of Ferry Port of Mesta on Chios at North Aegean Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Mesta

  • Mesta Port
  • 821 02 Chios, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 227 107 6239
  • GPS: 38.289228, 25.931236