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Ferry to Inousses - Bow of a cruise ship with view to Inousses Island Harbour Inousses is a small island in the aegean sea of Greek.
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Book a ferry to Oinousses and spend a few days on this hidden treasure of small beautiful islands in the north Aegean Sea that is waiting to be discovered!

Oinousses is a small island cluster located in the North Aegean, famous for its quiet, laid back and hospitable atmosphere. The cluster also includes the islets of Vatos, Panagia, Pontikonisi, Prasonisia, Pateroniso, Archontoniso and Gaidouronisi. However, the only inhabited one is the island of Oinoussa (also known as Egnoussa) having approximately 600 permanent inhabitants which makes the location ideal for relaxation.

Oinousses were once famous for their grapes and fine tasting wines and it is believed that this is how the islands got their name (oinos is the Greek word for wine). According to another legend the name derives from the word aega. Many years ago shepherds moved to this island to raise their goats ( aega is the Greek word for goat). However, the residents use mostly the name Egnoussa that derives from the greek word agnos which was the ancient name of the osier plant that grows on the island.

Book your ferry tickets in advance, let the cheerful locals welcome you with a smile on their face, enjoy the wonderful beaches of the island with the clear blue waters and the impressive unspoiled natural landscapes!

Reaching Oinousses by ferry

Oinousses can be reached either from the port of Piraeus, the main port of Athens or the port of Kavala from northern Greece.

  • Piraeus: The port of Piraeus is located also in the southeast of Greece and is Europe’s biggest passenger port and Athens’ gateway to the islands of the Aegean (approximately 50 km away from the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos). There is only one ferry company serving this connection with a normal/ conventional ferry. The frequency of the routes vary depending on the seasonality and the duration of the sailing is approximately 9-15 hours depending on the in-between stops
  • Kavala: The port of Kavala is the principal port of eastern Macedonia and the gateway to the North Aegean Islands. Once a week, there is a conventional ferry serving this connection and the duration of the journey is approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes

Oinousses ferry port

The port of the island is also in the only settlement of the island, the village of Oinousses. Around the small port you will be able to find a few tourist amenities like pharmacies, mini markets, shops and a few taverns and coffee shops.

Public Transportation

There is no public or even private transportation on the island due to it’s relatively small size. Everything around the island is within walking distance. There is a good road network, so for your own convenience, you can bring along your vehicle.

Holidays in Oinousses

Oinousses may be a small island but it has interesting sights,a rich history and incredible natural landscapes that are worth visiting.

You can read below some of the main attractions:

  • Visit the Nautical Museum and learn about the great marine tradition of the island
  • Admire the pieces of art based on drawings by Fotis Kontoglou in the beautiful Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin
  • Take a walk through the picturesque settlement of Oinoussa and wander around the colourful houses, the impressive mansions and the cobblestone streets
  • Visit the Church of Agios Nikolas, the patron saint of the island and protector of sailors
  • Admire the bronze sculpture of the mermaid as you enter the port of the island
  • Visit the statue of the Unknown Sailor in the central square of Seamanship
  • Taste the fresh fish and seafood in the seaside tavernas

Hotels & Accommodations

There are only a few accommodation options available in the village of Oinousses which is actually the only settlement of the island and the entire complex, so we suggest you book your accommodation on time.

Please find below some of the best rated studios & apartments:

  • Ksaplas Studios
  • Alkaios Studios
  • Archontiko Apartments
  • Balatzia Studios
  • Evgenikos House
  • Oinousses Studios
  • Petrina Studios

Beaches in Oinousses

Oinousses have many beautiful, small and quiet sandy beaches with transparent blue waters. Most of them are on the western coast, they are perfect for relaxing in peace and they are easily accessible by car or even on foot. The most secluded ones can be reached only by boat.

Here is a list of the most popular beaches of Oinousses:

  • Agios Ioannis Beach: located in the southern coast, covered in a mix of sand and pebbles, covered by the winds
  • Apiganos Beach: located on the northern coast of the island. One of the most popular beaches of the island with nice sand and crystal clear waters
  • Mpilali Beach: Ideal for swimming with calm and shallow waters
  • Fokia Beach: located on the southern coast. A sandy, quiet beach with crystal waters and easy road access
  • Zepagas Beach: the most popular beach of the island, next to the port. A sandy beach with thin pebbles.Here you can try traditional food thanks to the many taverns nearby
  • Hatzalis Beach: located on the northern part of the island. A sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters and a few trees providing natural shadow to its visitors
  • Kastro Beach: located on the southwest part of the island. A cute and quite beautiful beach covered in big white pebbles

Island hopping from Oinousses

The island of Oinousses is a really good starting point for island hopping. Located in the Aegean Sea, between the northeast end of Chios and the coast of Minor Asia is an ideal location if you want to visit some of the neighboring islands of the Dodacanese and of the Cyclades complex. Hop on a ferry from Oinousses and don’t miss the chance to visit:

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