Ferry from Turkey to Greece

By boarding the ferry from Turkey to Greece, you begin an adventurous journey from the Orient towards Greece's magnificent Dodecanese and North Aegean Islands!

Thousands of ferries depart annually from Turkey's west coast and arrive in Greece's jewel islands. More specifically, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Cesme and Kusadasi are the main starting ports of Turkey. The short distance between them and the Dodecanese / North Aegean islands, makes the crossings very frequent and popular among tourists. Additionally, the possibility of even a day trip to the Greek Islands from Turkey is achievable, since the ferries operate numerous daily sailings.

Due to high demand in summer season, book your ferry tickets in advance in order to secure them and enjoy your holidays in Greece!

Distance between Turkey and Greece

The distance between Turkey's coast and Greece's islands depends on the ports of departure and arrival. More precisely:

Turkey to Greece ferry duration

Similarly, the ferry duration from Greece to Turkey varies according to the route and what type of vessel (conventional, high-speed or flying dolphin) you will book for your transportation:

  • Fethiye - Rhodes : a maximum sailing time of 2 hours
  • Marmaris - Rhodes : 2h of sailing time
  • Bodrum - Rhodes : around 2.5h 
  • Cesme - Chios : a maximum of 40 minutes
  • Kusadasi - Samos : a little more than an hour

*Have in mind that the ferry connections between Turkey and Greece are mostly seasonal, thus, in winter months, they usually do not opearate!

Helpful information for your journey

  • By visiting our dedicated pages referred to Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Cesme, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Chios and Samos, you get the opportunity to receive information about your holidays and public transportation services
  • Make sure to be present at the port facilities at least 1.5h before your departure, especially if you are carrying a vehicle
  • You can even visit the Greek islands from Turkey's coast even for a day 
  • There is no direct ship from Turkey to Athens. You will firstly have to reach either Samos, Rhodes or Chios and then disembark at the port of Piraeus
  • Through the isFerry booking engine, you are able to put prices into contrast and select the route and vessel that suits you best
Map of Ferry Port of Cesme in Turkey

Ferry Port Cesme

  • Musalla Mahallesi, 19, Atadağ Cd., 359 30 Çeşme / İzmir, Turkey
  • Tel.: +90 232 712 8749
  • GPS: 38.322292, 26.297226
Map of Ferry Port of Bodrum in Turkey

Ferry Port Bodrum

  • Karada Marina, 5, Neyzen Tevfik Cad, 484 00 Bodrum, Turkey
  • Tel.: +90 252 316 1860
  • GPS: 37.036293, 27.427064
Map of Ferry Port of Fethiye in Turkey

Ferry Port Fethiye

  • Fethiye Belediye Baskanligi, Fethiye / Mugla, Turkey
  • Tel.: +90 252 614 1187
  • GPS: 36.621956, 29.105439
Map of Ferry Port of Chios at North Aegean Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Chios

  • 56, Leof. Aigaiou, 821 00 Chios, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 227 102 2770
  • GPS: 38.369678, 26.138036
Map of Ferry Port of Kos at Dodecanese Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Kos

  • 25, Akti Kountourioti Street, 853 00 Kos, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 224 202 6594
  • GPS: 36.897823, 27.290049
Map of Ferry Port of Rhodes at Dodecanese Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Rhodes

  • 1, Akti Sachtouri, 851 00 Rhodes, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 224 102 2220
  • GPS: 36.444096, 28.232849