Ferry from Italy to Spain

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Take the opportunity to live an exciting experience that offers you the trip by ferry from Italy to Spain with a wide range of schedules, prices and discounts!

Starting your journey by a car and passenger ferry from the ports of Italy, Genoa or Civitavecchia with destination the Spanish port of Barcelona is the best option for travelers who want to visit both countries for their vacation. All year round a great number of tourists board on a conventional vessel from the Italian ports and arrive at Barcelona, one of the most important ports in Europe. Whether you decide to travel with your family or friends, check the isFerry booking engine and book your tickets in advance in order to find the accommodation type and schedule you desire with the best deal. Either you start from the port of Liguria, Genoa, or from the port of Lazio region, Civitavecchia, a modern ferry is waiting for you fully equipped with all the amenities you may need.

Sailing distance from main Italian ports to Spain

The port of Genoa is estimated to be 579km from the port of Barcelona, while the port of Civitavecchia is located 830km from the Spanish capital's port. Whichever route you choose your trip will be a unique experience up to your destination.

Ferry schedules from Italy to Spain

There are different ferry schedules from Italy to Spain all year round. The main ports are the following:

Genoa to Barcelona with 3 weekly sailings and duration of about 21h
Civitavecchia to Barcelona with 6 weekly sailings and duration of about 20h

The frequency and duration of the trip may vary depending on seasonality and sometimes on weather conditions.

Ferry types from Italy to Spain

The journey from the Italian ports to Spain is made only by conventional ships equipped with any kind of accommodation, external decks, lounges, bars and restaurants. So get on board and enjoy!

Useful tips for your journey

  • Stay up to date on all revised schedules, prices and offers (if any) by using our booking engine
  • The journey from Italy to Spain and especially from Genoa or Civitavecchia to Barcelona sells out quickly, so book your tickets early to get the best offer
  • The port of Barcelona but also the Italian ports used to be very crowded during the high season, so arrange to be there 2 hours before departure for your check-in and embarkation
  • Visit our pages dedicated to Italy and Spain to find useful information about cities and ports as well as the means of transport
  • We suggest you to book a cabin, as the trip lasts many hours and your stay on the ship will be more comfortable
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