Golden Star Ferries

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Golden Star Ferries is a relatively young shipping company and is based in Rafina / Athens. After its establishment in the year 2011, employing the conventional vessel F/B SUPERFERRY II, two more followed, a second conventional vessel called F/B SUPERFERRY and the high speed craft, SUPERRUNNER.

F/B SUPERFERRY II is fully equipped with WiFi and satellite televisions. On board you can shop in the duty free shops, enjoy drinks in the cafeteria, and use massage chairs. The vessel has room for 1,630 passengers and 250 cars and is wheelchair friendly.

F/B SUPERUNNER has 809 airline type seats and space for 180 vehicles. There is non-smoking area and an elevator among the other facilities.

F/B SUPERFERRY offer 1760 passenger capacity and 300 vehicle capacity and offers among others cabins for passengers with special needs, cabins for pets, Kids’ Corner, Infirmary, Traditional products store, and open deck bar for smokers.

Aiming in the safe and comfortable transportation of the passenger’s one can use Golden Star Ferries to make his/her trip more memorable.

With Golden Star Ferries every journey becomes luxurious making crossings in between the Cyclades islands a one-of-a-kind experience.

Golden Star Ferries Embarkation

For the Golden Star Ferries embarkation passengers and vehicles must check-in at the port offices as follows:

  • Passengers at least 1 hour and vehicles at least 2 hours prior to the Golden Star Ferries departure.

In case the above mentioned time frame is not hold, Golden Star Ferries reserve the right to cancel the reservation with 100% cancellation fees.

The Golden Star Ferries embarkation time and regulations are handled by the corresponding port authorities. Drivers must follow the instructions of the Golden Star Ferries crew at the time of embarkation and disembarkation. Occupants of the vehicles are asked to leave the vehicle before it is driven on board of the Golden Star ferry.

Book in Advance your Golden Star Ferries Tickets

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should Book in Advance your Golden Star ferry ticket:

  • Golden Star Ferries is a very popular ferry operator, whose capacity tends to be booked out very fast!
  • Secure the price of your tickets with Golden Star Ferries and be sure that currency fluctuations don’t affect you!
  • Plan and book your Golden Star Ferries passage now and not later, thereby ensuring more holiday time!
  • Balance your holiday budget by including the price of your Golden Star Ferries ticket in this month’s credit card statement.
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