Grimaldi Lines

Travel with the colossal Grimaldi Lines starting from Italy and reach your destination in the Italian Islands, Greece, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia in luxury!

The company holds a very long tradition dating back to 1348 when it was founded by the Grimaldi brothers, Gianluca and Emanuele. In meanwhile, the company’s vessels have been completely modernized and aim to the highest standards in order to provide their passengers advanced service and a lot of entertainment on the onboard facilities.

Grimaldi Lines are characterized by their quality, guaranteed safety, developmental dynamics, eco-friendly equipment, as well as their high-quality features and professional crews. Each Grimaldi ferry offers its passengers the best possible services, amenities and accommodations.

Grimaldi Group

The Grimaldi Group is getting bigger and stronger as it merges with other already established shipping companies with a long tradition, as for example the newly added Minoan Lines. Together they operate fluently and successfully on the Adriatic waters by connecting Italy with Greece via the ferry ports Ancona, Venice and Brindisi to Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras.

Grimaldi Lines Ticket

Down below, you can see the reasons why you should book in advance your ferry ticket:

  • Tickets run out very easily due to the fact that Grimaldi shipping lines is a very popular operator
  • By early booking, you are securing the price of your tickets you make sure that currency changes will not affect you
  • You are ensuring more holiday time by having everything planned previously
  • Measure your holiday spendings by including your tickets’ prices in this month’s credit card statement

Book in advance your ferry tickets with Grimaldi Lines and enjoy your holidays!

Pullman Seat at Grimaldi

Here you can learn about the pullman seat and all other accommodation options so as to book the most convenient choice.

Economy Deck

  • These seats are spread on all decks of the ferry and they are free to choose
  • The interior seats are more comfortable for they are similar to armchairs
  • The outdoor seats though, like those on the pool deck, are not that cozy and thus not the best choice for longer journeys. However, the outside facilities are very enjoyable since you can have a view over the sea while having a cool refreshment
  • No luggage is allowed to be stored in the economy seat except for small bags. They are stored in a different area of the vessel and are picked up after anchoring

Air Type/ Pullman Seats

  • The aircraft type seats are numbered seats and are accessible to passengers with an airline seat ticket
  • The seats are located in separate, big lounges on board of the ferry, comfortable enough for taking a nap
  • Passengers have the choice to store their luggage in the designated shelves near their seats
  • The lounges are comparable to a first-class chamber in a train

VIP Seats

  • VIP seats or business class are located in a separate section of the ship. These seats are larger and are the most comfortable ones
  • Business class passengers have their own bars and no other passenger without a VIP ticket can use the facilities


  • Cabins grant passengers the opportunity of traveling more comfortably for a slightly higher cost.
  • Cabins are separated into either 2 bed cabins or 4 bed cabins
  • All cabins come with clean linen and towels and a private bathroom
  • There are two types of cabins, those with windows viewing the sea and those which are on the inside, suitable for people who get easily seasick
  • Finally, you can also book a deluxe cabin

Regardless of the accommodation and amenities you have booked, all facilities are at your disposal during the voyage (restaurants, cafes, bars and WC's)

Grimaldi Lines Pet Policy

Passengers who travel along with their pets can book online the following options:

  • Pet in cabin for a 50 Euro charge per pet for each passage. The availability of those cabins is limited and changes from vessel to vessel. Pet cabins are the same as regular cabins just without having a carpet
  • Pet in kennel for a surtax of 20 Euros per passage and pet on the roofed deck of the ferry
  • Pet on deck. You can have your pet in your own pet box or on a leash on the open deck during the entire passage. No additional fees apply

For those who prefer to travel with their pets on board and remain in their campers, the camping on board option is available.

Luggage Allowance

Designated luggage areas with no luggage restrictions and no surcharges are provided to every passenger on the Grimaldi Lines ship.

Please visit our FAQ pages for further information.


Grimaldi Lines Booking Terms

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