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Albania is one of Balkan’s coastal countries in the southwestern of the Balkan Peninsula. It’s coastline length is ca. 476 km and extends along the Ionian and Adriatic Sea. It’s climate is warm and dry in the summer months and mild in the winter, as usual for a Mediterranean country. Many destinations along the Albanian Riviera offer quality vacation resorts, wide long sandy beaches and a flourishing nature. Due to this good conditions tourism and tourism infrastructure are developing constantly and so the Albanian ferries. State-of-the-art vessels of renowned Ferry Operators depart daily from Albania to Italy.

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Schedules & timetables

With daily departures the Albanian ferries schedules and timetables are quite well equipped and even better in the summer months, offering all year round a great number of Ferries to Albania and connecting the country directly with many Italian ferry destinations.

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Harbors & ports

In detail, from the Albanian ferries harbors and ports Durres (Durazzo), Saranda and Vlora (Valona) you can cross over to Bari and Brindisi in Italy. The ferry routes Bari-Durres and Brindisi-Vlora operate all year round whereas the ferry route Brindisi-Saranda only in the summer months. Durres is the main port of Albania and one of its most ancient cities. Vlora and Saranda are situated further in the south of the country and well known for their long and sandy beaches.


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