Ferry Athens to Mykonos

Travel from by ferry Athens to Mykonos, with either a conventional or a high-speed, get information about the departures and arrivals and of how to reach the ports!

There are two options for those who wish to travel by ferry from Athens to Mykonos. The first starting point is from the port of Piraeus in western Athens, while the second one from the port of Rafina in the eastern part of Greece’s capital. It is worth mentioning that the crossings take place on a daily basis with frequent connections especially in high-season months (March to October). However, in the low season there are only conventional ships operating while in summer, high-speeds and catamarans are added to the route.

How long does it take the ferry Athens to Mykonos?

Depending on the vessel, stopovers and the port that you are starting from, getting from Rafina or Piraeus to Mykonos can last from 2.30 to 5.30 hours. Large conventional ships are way slower than high-speeds and catamarans but they are operating all year long and give you the opportunity to book a cabin or enjoy the trip in big lounges or on an open sunny deck with bars and restaurants while the fast ones have only airtype seats, a snack bar, getting out is not allowed during the journey and are beginning in March until late October.

Starting point Piraeus or Rafina?

Although Piraeus is the main port of Athens and worldwide famous, Rafina seems to be a more preferred choice for those who wish to reach the Greek cosmopolitan island. The stopovers before Mykonos, if Piraeus is the starting port, are at Syros and Tinos while starting from Rafina, it is Andros and Tinos. It is notable to say that the main advantage of Rafina is that it is located very close to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and there are bus services that connect them, also taxis which are way more expensive though.

Athens International Airport to Rafina Port

There are 2 ways of getting to the port of Rafina after arriving at Athens airport and these are by public bus (KTEL) or by taxi. KTEL buses run hourly and with the cost of 3 Euros you will be at the port in approx. 2 hours. Taxis are much more comfortable for sure but demand a higher cost of 50 to 60 Euros.

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Athens International Airport to Piraeus Port

By the time you arrive at Athens airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and reach the arrivals terminal, you will be able to see the taxi stand. Taxis are more expensive than other public transportation means but relatively cheaper than taxis in the rest of Europe. There is also the option of the metro which costs about 10 Euros and takes almost 1.30 hour to arrive at Piraeus. The cheapest choice is the bus which, in 1 hour and with a cost of appr 6 Euros, will transport you to Greece’s biggest port.

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In which port of Mykonos does my ferry dock?

This depends on the type of vessel you are voyaging. If it is a big ship (conventional), then the Mykonos New Port is the end of the line and if it is a high-speed or catamaran, then the Mykonos Old Port is the finish. There are some catamarans though, that dock at the New Port. There is also the possibility for the docking port to change if weather conditions are bad or if there is high maritime traffic.

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