Ferry from Athens to Mykonos

Ferry to Mykonos - Scenic view of the old town on the Greek island of Mykonos. Cactus and white villa.

Travel either with a conventional or a high-speed ferry from Athens to Mykonos, get information about the departures and arrivals and of how to reach the ports!

There are two options for those who wish to travel by ferry from Athens to Mykonos. The first starting point is from the port of Piraeus in western Athens, while the second one from the port of Rafina in the eastern part of Greece’s capital. It is worth mentioning that the crossings take place on a daily basis with frequent connections especially in high-season months (March to October). However, in the low season there are only conventional ships operating while in summer, high-speeds and catamarans are added to the route.

Athens to Mykonos ferry time

Depending on the vessel type, stopovers and the port that you are starting from, the Athens to Mykonos ferry time can last from 2.30 to 5.30 hours. The total distance between Piraeus and Mykonos is around 160 km (85 nautical miles) and from Rafina is 130 km (71 nautical miles).

Traveling from Athens to Mykonos with a conventional or high speed ferry

Traveling from Athens to Mykonos with conventional ships is a very pleasant way of transportation since they are large, are operating all year long and give you the opportunity to book a cabin or enjoy the trip in big lounges or on an open sunny deck with bars but are way slower than high speeds and catamarans. The total time they require to reach Mykonos is 4-5 hours. High speeds which are fast ferries, have only airtype seats, a snack bar and getting out is not allowed during the journey but they reduce the ferry duration between Athens and Mykonos to 2.5 hours with a little higher cost.

Starting point Piraeus or Rafina?

Although Piraeus is the main port of Athens and worldwide famous, Rafina seems to be a more preferred choice for those who wish to reach the Greek cosmopolitan island. The stopovers before Mykonos, if Piraeus is the starting port, are at Syros and Tinos while starting from Rafina, it is Andros and Tinos. It is notable to say that the main advantage of Rafina is that it is located very close to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and there are bus services that connect them, also taxis which are way more expensive though.

*In our Piraeus and Rafina pages, you are able to find all the relative information on how to approach the ports by using the public transportation.

In which port of Mykonos does my ferry dock?

Usually, the Mykonos New Port is the finish line of your voyage regardless of the ferry type but have in mind though, that there are several occasions such as bad weather conditions or high traffic in the New Port, where the vessels drop anchor at Mykonos Old Port. 

Useful information about your trip to Mykonos from Athens

  • Mykonos New Port sits in Tourlos, 6 km northern of Mykonos town while the Old Port is right in the center
  • No matter the port your ship docks, there are frequent public transportation services through the entire island of Mykonos
  • If you choose Piraeus as your departure port, make sure that you arrive at least 1-2 hours earlier due to high traffic in summer
  • Day trips to Mykonos from Athens and from the surrounding Aegean islands are very popular 
  • Mykonos holds a high rank in terms of touristic activities so you might consider booking your ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos in advance
  • Use our online booking engine to compare all Athens to Mykonos ferry prices, choose the most suitable vessel and departure time of your journey
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