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Organize your trip by ferry from Corfu to Italy and enjoy a unique experience at sea crossing the Ionian and Adriatic Sea to a perfect holiday destination!

What can one say about the beautiful island of Corfu, a favorite destination of tourists from all over the world. Τhe amazing emerald beaches, the cobblestone streets, the Old Town, the historical and religious monuments, the natural beauties and the picturesque villages are some of the attractions you will never forget. The ferry connection of the ports of Italy with Corfu and the proximity to Venice has affected the island in many factors since antiquity. The era of Venetian rule left its mark on the island especially in architecture and even in gastronomy.

On the other hand the ports of Bari, Brindisi, Ancona and Venice have their own charm. Bari is a lively seaport town and the gateway city to Puglia. The ancient castle built by the Normans in the 12 century, the old city, the delicious seafood cuisine and the town beaches are worth visiting. The natural port of Brindisi, which played an important role in the development of this region due to its strategic position, is also an interesting tourist destination because of the historical Castle, the Romanesque Cathedral, the Archaeological Museum, the close proximity to the city center beaches and many more. Upon arrival at the bustling port of Ancona, one of the main ferry ports for passengers and vehicles in the Adriatic, tourists meet a city of great archaeological and historical interest. Visit the Piazza del Plebiscito in the historic center, the National Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral di San Ciriaco , the Arco di Traiano and other monuments and sites. The last but not the least Venice port serving mostly northeastern Italy is one of the most important in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas . Ferries and cruise ships arrive on a daily basis throughout the year and bring you in the city with canals instead of streets and with water taxis and gondolas in order to get around. Canal Grande, Palazzo Ducale, Basilica di San Marco and numerous attractions and activities are waiting for the most demanding visitors to explore and enjoy them.

Ferry schedules from Corfu to Italy

The ferry schedules from Corfu to Italy vary according to seasonality and the ships connect the major Italian ports with the ionian island of Corfu.
The available routes operated by different shipping companies are:

  • Corfu to Brindisi ferry route connects the Italian port in the Apulia region in southern Italy with the island of Corfu and operates usually during the summer season from May to September
  • Corfu to Bari ferry usually runs weekly during the summer months and connects the Apulian port with the Greek island of Corfu
  • Corfu to Venice ferry with 1 sailing per week connects Corfu with the unique capital of Veneto region, a trip you should never miss. Available usually during the summer
  • Corfu to Ancona route, usually a seasonal ferry with an overnight journey, connects one of the most important ports in the Adriatic Sea with the popular northern Ionian island

Through our online booking system, you will easily find all the schedules available with the best prices and offers.

Corfu to Italy ferry distance

The Corfu to Italy ferry distance varies depending on the Italian port of arrival.
The distance from Corfu to Brindisi by ferry is 109 nautical miles and from Corfu to Bari is estimated to be 165 nautical miles. The port of Ancona, which is located in the middle of Italian Adriatic coast is located at a distance of 374 nautical miles from Corfu and Venice port, in northeastern Italy, is 483 nautical miles far from Corfu.

Corfu to Italy ferry time

The Corfu to Italy ferry time depends on the location of the Italian ports. From Corfu to Bari the trip takes from 8 to 10 hours while the northernmost port of Venice is 25 hours away from Corfu.
The Corfu to Ancona sailing duration is from 15 to 19 hours depending on each shipping company's schedule. Passengers who choose Bari port, which is the shortest journey from Corfu, will need 8 to 10 hours sailing time.

Useful tips for your trip from Corfu to Italy

  • It is recommended to book a cabin for the longer routes for a more comfortable journey
  • Our pages dedicated to Italy and Corfu can provide you with detailed information about the ports of arrival and the means of transport
  • During the high season the ports are usually crowded, so be at the port 2 hours before departure for check-in and embarkation
  • Book your tickets in advance in order to get the best prices and offers
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