Ferry from Italy to Corsica

Plan your trip by ferry from Italy to Corsica and start your vacation in a wonderful destination, close to the French coast, in the heart of the Mediterranean!

The Italian ports of Genoa, Livorno, Piombino and Savona serve ferries sailing to the ports of Corsica, a favorite summer holiday destination, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean located southeast of France and north of Sardinia. Genoa, the capital of Liguria, Livorno, a city of the Ligurian Sea on the west coast of Tuscany, Savona a port city of Liguria on the Riviera di Ponente and Piombino, located on the border between the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Sea are the Italian ports serving the ferries to Corsica. Bastia, the main port of the island located in northeastern Corsica at the base of Cap Corse and Ile Rousse, a seaside port city of North Corsica located on the east side of the Pietra Peninsula are the most visited ports that welcome ferry passengers from Italy.

All types of ferries arrive daily from the Italian ports to Corsica, the “Island of Beauty” and the birthplace of Napoleon, one of the world’s most-visited destinations.
Our reservations system can provide you with all the information needed for a trip organized according to your personal preferences.

Italy to Corsica ferry time

The Italy to Corsica ferry time depends mainly on the ports of departure and arrival and the period of traveling. With a quick look in our online booking platform you can see all the options regarding routes, prices, discounts and seasonal offers. Make your reservation in advance and choose the best accommodation on the ship, according to your needs.

Italy to Corsica ferry schedule

The Italy to Corsica ferry schedule can vary depending on seasonality but especially during the summer period there is a great range of departures from the Italian ports. Some routes, like the Genoa or Piombino to Bastia, are seasonal usually from April to October while from Livorno or Savona to Bastia the ferries run throughout the year. The crossing from Savona to Ile Rousse is operating during summer months but from Livorno the ferries run all the year not at a constant frequency.

Ferry routes from Italy to Corsica

Car and passenger regular ferries are running frequently from Italy to Corsica and it is the best choice if you are planning to spend your holidays on the island. Cabins (some of them are pet friendly), deck or numbered seats and business lounges are available.

Below you will find all the possible crossings from Italy:

  • Genoa to Bastia ferry distance is about 110 nautical miles and it is preferable for passengers who want to travel from northern Italy to Corsica
  • Livorno to Bastia ferry distance is 66 nautical miles with a ferry duration of about 4 hours
  • Livorno to Ile Rousse ferry trip is about a 4 hours crossing of a distance of 82 nautical miles
  • Piombino to Bastia journey time is a short journey of 3 hours with a distance of 49 nautical miles with two weekly summer departures. A good choice if you are traveling from the Tuscany area to Corsica
  • Savona to Bastia ferry duration is approximately 6 hours at a distance of 105 nautical miles
  • Savona to Ile Rousse usually with 1 crossing per week and a travel time of about 11 hours at a distance of 102 nautical miles

Useful information for your trip

  • The Italian ports are usually crowded during summer period so be at the port at least 2 hours prior to your departure for check-in and embarkation
  • The choice of a cabin for an evening crossing is recommended for a more comfortable trip
  • Our pages for Genoa, Livorno and Savona can give you some tips for the means of transport around the port
  • It is advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially if you are travelling with vehicle in order to find availability in the garage
Map of Ferry Port of Livorno in Italy

Ferry Port Livorno

  • 1, Calata Sgarallino, 571 00 Livorno, Italy
  • Tel.: +39 058 624 9411
  • GPS: 43.551317, 10.301371
Map of Ferry Port of Bastia in France

Ferry Port Bastia

  • Quai Nouveau Port de Commerce, 20200 Bastia, France
  • Tel.: +33 495 552 585
  • GPS: 42.701315, 9.453396