Grandi Navi Veloci

Get onboard a Grandi Navi Veloci ferry and start traveling to Italy, Tunisia, Spain, France, Morocco, Albania and the Italian Islands in luxury and comfort!

Grandi Navi is a modern shipping company, which was established in the year 1992 in Genoa and constitutes one of the biggest ferry operators in the Mediterranean Sea. The carrier soon became a success with its first ships and got larger, operating in more countries, cities and ports.

Nowadays, the company runs routes to Italy, Spain, Sicily, Sardinia, Morocco, Albania, Tunisia and France; in particular to and from 13 destinations which are Genoa, Civitavecchia, Palermo, Termini Imerese, Porto Torres, Naples, Barcelona, Tunis, Tangier, Nador, Sète, Bari, Durres and possesses 12 vessels with some of them being the biggest in Europe.

The company’s ferries are characterized by their guaranteed quality, exemplary safety, developmental dynamics, proven environmental awareness as well as their high-quality features and professional crews. The shipping company’s ferries offer their passengers a very high standard regarding Grandi Navi Veloci accommodation and facilities. The fleet meets the highest standards and provides passengers advanced service and a lot of entertainment facilities on board.

When onboard, all passengers are able to enjoy the ships’ amenities which are many. There is the opportunity to do some shopping, drink a cooling cocktail at the piano bar, eat at the restaurant but also you can even watch a movie at the vessel’s cinema or spend time in the games room.

Grandi Navi Veloci Reservation

On our website, you can use our booking engine to make your Grandi Navi Veloci reservation while you will also be able to compare routes and prices in order to book in advance what’s more suitable for you.

Some of the benefits of booking in advance your tickets are the following:

  • You will not risk not finding any ticket. Have in mind that the particular shipping company is very popular and its tickets exhaust extremely fast
  • You eliminate the chance of currency fluctuations affecting the price of the tickets
  • You get to have more holiday time if you have organized it from the first place
  • You are able to calculate how much you will spend by including the price of the ticket in the current month's credit card statement

Please, visit our book in advance page for more information.

Vessels & Fleet

Every ferry Grandi Navi Veloci is massive, very comfortable and relatively fast, factors which when combined result in a pleasant and delightful voyage. All the vessels are more than 160 meters in length and can carry more than 2.000 passengers per route.


Grandi Navi Veloci Booking Terms

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