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France borders with its southeastern coastline the Mediterranean Sea and shares its waters in the west with Spain and in the east with Italy. Mediterranean France extends from the Cap Cerbere in the west to Menton and Cap Martin in the east. Exclusive holiday locations and upper class tourist resorts, as for example Montpelier, Marseilles, Cannes, Nice and, of course, Monaco are situated along the French Mediterranean seaside - perfect locations for distant glances at the passing of the French ferries. Grandi Navi Veloci is one of the Ferry Operators that links France with Morocco.

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The French ferries schedules and timetables are all year round available and depart from the port of Sete to Tangier and Nador in Morocco.

For detailed information about all Ferries to France and vice versa use our real-time booking engine and pick among various routes the choice of your convenience in regards of shipping company, vessel, departure date / time and price!


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