Ferry to Aegiali

Passengers traveling by ferry to Aegiali are stunned by the crystal blue waters of the bay that lay in front of them!

Aegiali is the second largest port of the island Amorgos! Upon arriving at the port you will be stunned by the crystal blue waters of the bay that lay in front of you. On your right, you will see the settlement of Potamos, on your left Tholaria and in the middle a glimpse of the settlement of Lagadi. There are paths starting from Aegiali taking you to all 3 settlements. Aegiali is amphitheatrically built and it’s composed by the well-known whitewashed houses of the Cyclades Islands.

That part is the less wild spot of the island with a long sandy beach with shallow waters ideal for families. Coffee shops, taverns and bars can be found all around the village offering the visitor a good time with a view to the sea and the summer moon. The hospitality and kindness of the locals is one of a kind making you feel like you are home. The island also attracts a large number of hikers from all over the world as it has numerous hiking paths. During the summer period, a large number of visitors are traveling to the destination of Aegiali.

Ferry routes Aegiali start from the port of Piraeus. It’s also connected with all the small Cyclades Islands such as Donousa, Iraklia, Koufonisia and the islands of Paros and Naxos.

Ferry Port Aegiali

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How to get to Aegiali Port

Get to Aegiali port by bus and taxi.


There is a public bus transportation service with scheduled daily connections. Please check the Bus Service Website for more specific information.


In order to schedule taxi transportation, please visit the Taxi Service Website or call the tel. number +30 693 788 3838.

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